Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earth's Aura Being Balanced

Irene has visited and disappeared into the night to never return; in her wake she left devastation and death, but for the most part it's been far less in most areas than one could ever expect from a hurricane. WHY?
No it wasn't some conspiracy to control us via HARP of false reporting, that concept is old paradigm thinking in which we were victims of forces outside ourselves. The new paradigm awareness lends us to recognize all reality is a reflection of the energy created from within us. Science has viewed this in many forms and agrees. This is new knowledge about our world as a whole being/consisting of ENERGY with a FREQUENCY. Yes new awareness that all, including humans, is energy in base form with it's own frequency mixing, connecting, and communicating at all venues like a misty smoke as One, in what is called the Source Field.

Irene was energy which (Mother Earth or) our planet as an energy being became.This energy is her pain formed from our rape of her, misuses, overcrowding, anger, corruption, and cruelty extruded by humans forming her aura. No sorry the other kingdoms are not self involved, they live in a symbiotic energy of unified equality and respect that humans simply do not embrace at present. This dense low frequency energy builds until Mothers body must release it's weighty density to cleanse her aura of it. Thus we regularly experience natures events in some form or another which we call weather. The elements are a part of the planets aura which become manifested as weather. It is similar to our being filled with love but working with those who are corrupt angry and unhappy. Our aura would soon become filled withthis mixed energy if we do not cleanse ourselves of it. It's likened to angry humans in a room, you walk and are effected by their energy, you don't have to see or hear anything, you feel the density of energy. Eventually if the people didn't disband or calm themselves they would like in the Firestarter movie explode that energy into something physical. It's why we feel like we will explode when anger energy builds in us. The energy which is Mothers aura eventually explodes into violent earth conditions like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or hurricanes which are the most useful as they can wash away the density so a higher energy frequency prevails. She rids her aura of it's density to be in balance again.

We saw this with Katrina ... and we just saw it happen with Irene where the storm as it moved to cleanse out the old density which was caught in place by clutter of mixed energy from such large populations. The storm was powerful, just powerful enough to cleanse energy which was stuck having little remaining life force of it's own. Much like the dead cells on our skin it was slothed away leaving the clean healthy vibrant higher frequency energy present. HOW SO? Because the east coast from Florida to New England houses masses of Lightworker groups living holistic energy practices. These humans have for years participated raising their energy frequencies in a conscious manner for personal healing for self ascension as well as for that of the planet as a whole. This energy has become set in the mind of the collective in this area and the lower level frequencies are no longer fed the life force it needs to exist...The PEOPLE of the east coast produce a frequency which feeds the life force into an aura of the higher resonance of love and oneness. Thus that storm did only what it needed to (which was very little) to whisk away the depleted denser frequency. Energy works with energy in this way. It's why we say our thoughts matter.It's way we have said do not attempt to disrupt natures weather patterns only ask that it do only what it must for Mother Earth creating as little pain as possible for her occupants...Thus seers have known these storms react to the frequency produced by the people living in an area, which then becomes Earths Aura. The east coast was spared in many areas because the prominent aura energy frequency resonated high and it only need the caught denser dead or dying energy freed, so it could be washed away. All area results were what they were according to the Earth Aura of that area.

It's time for humanity to begin seeing reality as the ENERGY of the unified collective Source Field.

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