Monday, August 29, 2011

We Held Resonance High Against IRENE

I'm exhausted after the past few days with Irene. Thurs/Friday wore phone out looking to buy a for small generator for the tenant house basement which would take on it's normal water but electric surly would go out creating a flood as sump pump would not work. Well it did all of the above = and I was first on the Fire Co. list to get pumped, but Oneson remembered neighbor has a camper and a small generator. It was waiting for us just as the fire co showed up. Basement water tank, hot water heater and freezer were saved with ease from the rising water. Thinking around all this, which at first seemed problematic, was actually solved with ease and is attributed to holding my energy in it's highest frequency cause I knew all would be fine and in accordance to the frequency I put out~~~~~And It Was. This was an event produced by the collective and experienced by me according to the vibrational resonance I maintained knowing all would be in harmonic balance even if it was a major collective storm event.

What I do find a real problem is not the event or it's aftermath, but the attitude of these onlookers who insist in turning it into some kind conspiracy to harm humanity. It has simply become all to evident at this time how the lower energy of those who are getting off on this has taken hold of the fear within others which helps to created a lesser low level thought form from outdated predictions of the past. This only shows how some who think they are so aware are so overly involved in the beliefs of the past vibration they have not yet grasped the new vibrational higher energy beliefs available for all to embrace.
*People we have moved beyond the energy of old fear mongering of doom that was expounded on by religions and the old gods involved in the extremes of polarity. Unless this is where you prefer to experience reality from, you really don't have to.
*We now as a collective sit in a space-time of frequency where awareness shows us we are the co-creator's of reality
because we truly are made in the image of the Source of All Things. We are an aspect of that Source Creator and as such can create our own desired reality via the frequency of simply holding this as our knowing.
*We no longer need believe we are victims of energies outside ourselves as they once held us to believe, because via our thoughts creating our vibration we can create our preferred reality experience. Forces regardless of what you believe them to be do not have hold on what you experience as your is time to throw this old belief of victim-hood out with the flood water of Irene.

Thousands of people along the east coast collectively experienced a Category 1 Hurricane which covered 800 miles to it's outer bands (one of the largest on record) It produced Tropical Storms 300+miles inland. It wasn't the category but it's slow movement with exceptional rain drenching already saturated land that was the major concern, and the fact the EYE road the physical coast right into New York City. This was a highly rare 100 year event happening last in 1903 and before in 1821. It is why we have what is called 100yr flood planes on our real estate maps for insurance purposes. There was no conspiracy here it was natures natural cycle, and because the masses were well informed and prepared they suffered little because their energy was not that of great fear creating something to be more feared. What could of been apocalyptic for NYC and shore towns was not, even though it did great damage and took 23 lives, it could of been much worse and in the mornings sun shine we are wondering what all the hype was about... We in a state of harmonic calm downgraded the fear category .
It's time to stop thinking everything is conspiracy and everyone is out to get us, it is not true unless you desire to create this as your reality....Knowing of events is a means to prepare which keeps us from fear of the unexpected. There are always old energies of conspiracy to come our way we need not hold their threat in our consciousness.
Obviously few on the east coast of America did, as the masses fared will in what turned out to be comparatively peaceful cleansing by Mother Earth.

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