Friday, August 5, 2011

Aristotle Knew What We Forgot

"All Earthquakes and disasters are warnings, there's too much corruption in the world" ARISTOTLE
How strange it sometimes seems that the ancients knew what we modern society is just awakening to.. Did you ever really think about this? I have much and come to the conclusion that we as a species have been so wrapped up in the drama being created for us to react to, that we forgot the truths we already knew. There is an old warning "Divide and Conquer" and we failed to take heed it. We once were quite aware that earth events were the reflection of our attitudes. This is something no one seems to hear, or wants to hear cause I've been saying this since 2004 back on Y360. It's hard to accept because it means We the humans are responsible for what is occurring in the world around us. It means every horror we see is a reflection of the energy of the masses in that particular area of the planet; and it we are actually in that area the the finger gets pointed at us. Now finger pointing isn't nice but at this time in our earth experience it's quite necessary because it may just serve to wake us up to our own truth. That truth is that we are all co-creating the reality we experience. Once we recognize this we are recognizing we are what we called God and are truly made in that image of creator.

What a leap of consciousness that is...But when we come to it and spring into life living it miracles happen. That's what these times are about. Our seeing we are the Masters of our human experience and enjoying it to it's fullest.

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