Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heat Waves~Sun Flairs~Solar Winds and Our DNA

Again we as a planet are experiencing Sun Flairs just as we did in February this year when there was a rash of powerful Flairs and we blogged how this energy is being set off by the energy from the Central Sun in the Galactic Center of this reality sphere. Remember all consciousness is inner-active even in the expanse of our greater cosmos. These blasts of powerful Photonic and Magnetic Energy are coming at us by our design to help upgrade the awareness of all consciousness in this cosmic sector not just planet Earth. What is essence energy in the higher dimensional sphere is physical in this dimension. We came across messages in Feb. from the Hathors which were highly informative about these events and it's worth the read again because we are entering another powerful cycle in which we can by preference apply this to our greater good and move with the cycle of the ages instead of against it. It seems we must always be reminded this is a reality of Polarities. There are always the opposites, and which side of that energy one chooses to work in is always a choice. We can think of Sun Flairs, Solar Winds and this heat wave which is baking us here in the U.S. as something destructive to be feared, or we can put it all to work for our greater good. As before I'm feeling this as pressure, and seeking balance by adjusting the spin of my chakra system. Simply: when your not up to speed your going to feel like you've been run over by the energy. When our individual chakra are not in sync we will feel everything surrounding us is opposing us or densely negative and out of sync with our thinking. Below is the read worth your time because the Hathors offer help and it so applies with this Leo new moon energy of opening our heart mind. This is more evidence how all works in sync if we are open to it.
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This the Main Read from the Hathors which will assist us:

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