Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Great Spin

Been spending more love time with garden plants, they're responding with steady flow abundance. Yesterday first Cucumber delighted us at dinner, tonight first Green Beans. Off and on each day I pop out to weed, rain had things grow to fast to keep up to and 100 degree temps bakes them in the ground, it's too hot to be out doing anything anyway. Slowly by summers end may have the place looking like someone lives here ??? least we'll be able to find the front door.

Son learned to listen to Mother Nature.. spent 4yrs planting pastures and got nothing. Last winter with mud horses were put in the main pasture so it got a good dose of horse droppings soaked in with icy snows and heavy rain, but he couldn't seed. It grew anyway! with a nice lush green carpet the horses love. Not high quality, but green even in these killer temps. When Mother says "leave me alone I'll choose" she means just that and with these temps has proved herself. Herbs standing still with heat, but jars are full of dried, perfect timing with garden. If it stays hot dehydrators can go on patio table on extension cords to keep house cool. They are best run at night anyway, electric rates are lower. Today cooler below 90' awaiting afternoon storms, means garden and pasture will get watered and they needed it last night.

With world around us collapsing things here are in perfect order. I'm in my vortex according to Abe/Hicks. Oneson's on his path of cooperative harmony, garden not overburdening, mastering People Pleaser in me. Use to work around the schedule of the neighbor needing rides =now she has to fit in when I'm going. Grandson had his 13th birthday, daughter wants other grandparents (we are 5 strong) for cake. Like the kid at 13 really cares, always disappears to his room. Decided this time to not rearrange my life to suit these people who being military talk nothing I agree. Loaned books on natural health and Echart Tolle return comment was "don't get that weird stuff. Ok! not everyone is going to, especially those were fathers and son stop speaking over silly stuff. Honestly how primitive to not speak to someone cause you differ! We were created to expand form our differences not use them to promote war. Typical I guess. Regardless all is in harmony here with birds singing and deer dancing, joy spinning in the energy,
as I further work on thinking with my heart not just my physical mind in this energy.

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