Monday, August 15, 2011

The Controlers APP on Our Handheld Devises

5a.m even tho light has changed with sunrise the inner clock's still set early. This can be a good thing to not need an alarm clock, but unnecessary to get up this early when you can't do anything. Noise travels in the silence of the woods and would wake tenant in the other side of this old barn by traveling the large beams. For some reason he's not off to work. Horses also have an ear tuned to the house so minute someone stirs they whinny for breakfast, I'm not going out in the dark. Seems we missed rain from intermittent clouds over night. That's good as we got 4to5 inches of rain Saturday/Sun night, could tell by the pond rise in water and how tenant house basement flooded, thank heavens for sump pumps.

Looks like weather channel hype was just that AGAIN, as yesterday there was only a small shower and today just a few off chance showers. Remember I blogged about the media creating our reality for us, well the weather channel is part of it and I'm going to stop watching it cause as we all know and want that job cause you never have to to it right to keep it. Honestly it worked a lot better when the kids were little and weather was only reported on the evening news, then my senses were heightened to read what was in the air. Did this with time also by light and my natural clock was always within 10minutes of on button. This goes to show me how as a species we've gotten away from using our inner connectedness with the blueprint of nature we as a collective helped to create. It shows also how we will loose all our inner abilities unless we go back to living more naturally without depending on things outside ourselves. To me this is saying "I must" place more concentration on connecting to my inner senses, by doing away with mechanical dependency. No more weather channel, no more clock checking. It will take a bit to get back to sensing it, but it can be done since it was something we all did at one point without any thought.

Those who control use these things to add to this overall process of our giving up the idea we are the ones creating our reality. The more we learn and speak of this fact the harder controllers work to control us by creating some new toy to occupy our senses. Oh I know that seems far fetched, but it's true, the more ways in which we become dependent on things outside ourselves the less confidence we have to recognize we create from the frequency of our thought which then reflects as our reality experience. Then the easier it is for them to program what we think and emotionalize.

This a.m.'s news did served one good purpose, by reporting how Asia and Europe are using a chip attachment to these new app devises for credit card payments and can on screen signature, it's coming to the U.S. soon. People are living their life via these devises. I'm seeing how it's becoming a hand eye habit just like smoking once was a hand mouth habit. It was that which I had the hardest time kicking when I stopped 40years of smoking. It wasn't until I started faking the movement pretending to smoke when the urge to do so hit, that I was able to stop the craving. This made me aware it was not substance addiction but a hand/mouth movement I was addicted to as a formed habit. People have replaced smoking with a hand/eye addictive movement via texting and using these devise apps to live their life by. This creates a looking outside ourselves as our reality, moving us even further from recognizing the truth of how we create our own reality from the emotion of thought within us. These devise apps are programing applications designed by those who wish to control and again we are doing it to ourselves by falling into this control trap. Wow what a realization!!!!!!!!!

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