Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facing Our Own Reflection

Just updated notes ..
"You don't get what you want ~ you get what you are"
Presently holding on to this attempting to get the mind wrapped around it. The prob is the new tenant just called me to say her missing Social Security check will be here in 30days..then I ask what happened to this supposed check she had received which bounced on her..well it's been redeposited she says.... all well and good I want cash by next Monday or she's out. Hate doing this, hate playing the 3D money game, but so far she moved in July 15 paid 1/2 months rent with security to be paid in installments. Pd nothing yet and her July and now August rent check are no good. She says she has all this incoming that has not materialized in the bank. My words were "This is a lot of crap no one moves into a new apartment without any money to do it". Ok she has 1week to totally prove herself or she's out !!!!

Oneson went away this horrid rainy weekend and left me swimming to his horses. Have no prob with caring for them I was a professional at it, but at nearly 70 have been battling two bad knees and slocking in mud up to my ankles is risky and painful. He turned his phone off to save battery, then never called to ck if things were ok here...Had he I'd of told him to be home Sunday afternoon. As it is he returned Monday evening cause with rain even today has no work so is sleeping it off yet..(late sleepers always annoy me and this well it's more anger) Tenant only added to it as I'd given her an ultimatum last Friday to have it settled by yesterday Monday....she ignored it till today Tues.. SO I'm at the point of wondering where this which is me is being reflected from within me.. cause I'm an early riser who is conscientious, always keep others informed and since being on my own after marriage in 1982 have always paid every bill on time and planned financial moves ahead.... thus I'm just the opposite of these two people.

Now the only thing I envision is this is meant to show me how none of this 3D worldly stuff is important cause it's all based on belief systems we created for the game, and we are just here playing a role for the experiences of it's adventure as a learning expansion. My thought regarding son and my response to the tenant are not in any way me holding my Highest Resonance Frequency. Thus I've allowed this reflection I'm creating of them to influence my emotions and thus the frequency I am as a being. It's important we all learn to hold our highest frequency awareness and think from our Heart Mind, if we ever intend to survive the storms which lay ahead.
Just another little test I planned for myself to show me my own progress.

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