Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Can Transform Prophacy

Been busy putting up food, something done the better part of my life which began with mother in the 1940's when home canning was the main stay of greater America. By 1950's freezing produce became more popular and sometime in late 70's small table top dehydrators came into use. Frozen is by far the closest to natural fresh food. Canning while good for many things produces soggy soft vegetables. Dehydrating is perfect for snacks soups and stews, it's also a faster cleaner method which takes far less storage space and keeps longer. Of all methods freezing is least economical due to electric cost and freezer burn. Thus I've opted to do most preservation through dehydration because I've found most winter cooking as soup and stews to help add heat and moisture during the heat season, the crock pot is always going if not the cast iron pot on a wood heater. Pot on the wood stove is the most efficient way as killing many birds with that one stone. Today I do things keeping in mind how we are going through many earth-changes and we will find ourselves responsible for sustaining our own survival in lifestyles of a new unified world consciousness. There is no fear in prophecy warnings because they are just that warnings to heeded by planning to not be dependent on the world outside myself both spiritually and physically raising my frequency, so I can continue to raise consciousness creating a new reality experience.

Seems lately no matter what way I turn someone is directly or indirectly talking about end times and 2012 prophecy. Let me say here all of my 69 years I've recognized I would at some time encounter this period in humanities evolution cycle. Been blogging this since 2004, speaking of it since 1987 and have never at anytime sensed it was an End Time but rather a transformation into a New Beginning. This is said from a deep deep connection to Native American, Egyptian and Dogon past life memory in which there was the feeling one must prepare spiritually as well as physically to weather these times of transforming frequency. Prophecies are given to warn people so they can prepare for what is to come. They were always given to allow the awareness of consciousness to raise or ascend to higher levels, enabling us to alter a probable event. NO PROPHECY IS GUARANTEED TO OCCUR since this is a Free Will reality, and that Will allows for evolutionary transformation of consciousness.

There are many who still believe in the Amen or a word of prophesy being the last word, by not being aware the Amen holds human consciousness in a energy of belief today though Christianity's prayer ending, but is energy originally derived from Egyptian culture which held control over the peoples desire to ascend to higher planes of consciousness. Now many will argue their beliefs here, but I can only say to see where my senses come from read the prophecy's of these dooms day predictions and see how many periods have come and gone in which they were not so much wrong but transformed to not occur because humanity in it's inner quest of knowing had raised consciousness frequency transforming the prediction outcome.

Where are we today.... Moving toward the mid point of a major transformation in frequency of energy of the consciousness of all in this time-space we know as Earth reality. The mid point is ( there is is still great controversy over 11/28/2011 or 12/12/2012) personally I feel strongly it is both as time is an illusion and this year long period will exist in our Earth reality of time but in time-space be only a moment. It is we who will create this moment individually as we each come to that awareness. The object of a year is to prevent chaos and destruction by a sudden frequency change and thus this year period is likened to the gradual turning on of lights around the globe as it revolves into it's night and then awakens in a new dawn of awareness. Having worked with unseen planetary higher consciousness most of my life I can guarantee from experience this is the way things are done so as to not create a short circuiting with a sudden overload of energy. We are moving up to a point of complete transformation just as the hands of a clock moves to the midnight point of 12 and then moves beyond toward the light of a new day. There is no Dooms Day only the end of the day we know into a new day of higher frequency consciousness. Below is a page I found which will show you how many prophets predicted dates and events which did not occur. Were they fakes? No! Their predictions were possible to have occurred, except humanity raised it's level of conscious awareness and thus prophesy changes because human frequency transformed the existing energy. This is what we can once again do...We do not have to be in fear of all these Dooms Day Prophesies because WE are capable of transforming awareness to higher levels of consciousness to create the future Outcome WE Desire.
Below prophecy page found "which we are transforming":

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