Sunday, August 21, 2011

Living With the SOLAR FLAIRS

Rough night, back hurt, caught up on sleeping till 7, can't tell you last time I went past 5:30. Haven't been feeling myself with the pressure from Photon Energy of Solar Winds. They are as we're told gradually transforming our DNA with their energetics, but none the less it's concentrated work to remain open to them allowing their flow through us. Picture it as opening the door a bit, holding in that position until the next Solar Wind blast when it will move open a tad more. This is process of opening our door gradually step by step as the hinges comply. Understand this must be a gradual thing to allow our neuron activation to expand capabilities and develop a synchronized harmony within so we don't blow our physical electro-magnetic circuit's. This last Solar Flair was a real powerhouse, still feeling it's effect and many notice it making statement on electronic devices, as they are connect to the satellites. Fortunately Verizon who was/is still striking in physical agreed to go back to work without a contract as I'm sure even tho we are not being told there were some major problems developed. (see for all those outside the USA have to say about Americans we are capable of acting far more civilized as a people, even if not a government, than what other countries exhibit. This action by thousands of Verizon workers is a harmonic effort to the advantage of others beyond themselves) It's been said to protect satellites they shut them down till the solar blast passes. This is of course if they are aware ahead of time and there are people working to do this. That's not important really. We should, if we desire to avoid frustration, learn to live less dependent upon these wireless communications . You may remember when my big conversion-van broke down several times a year ago, before I purchased a new car, I mentioned how this was me designing practice sessions for myself to become less dependent upon that means of transportation; I've owned my own and driven 53 years, longer than most of you are old. Solar Flairs could stop our vehicles dead in their tracks, frying their computer chips, sending someone with this long a dependency on them over the sanity edge, Thus I had to learn to be without and depend on my legs or other means. This too has connections to my physical knee problems; only recently realized so began walking again, working though the pain which disappeared as I built strength and re-establish flexibility in ligaments and tendons. Have a friend my age who often refuses to ride saying she must walk so she doesn't loose the ability to traverse the mountain. I'd thought about how Obama made us get rid of our old cars and now we're dependent upon computerized transportation. What a joke it's another way to control keeping the population where they want it. Thought about buying a junker, but then realize I'd need not just my mechanic son, but unavailable parts and gas from computerized pumps that would not work. So legs and horses it is!!!

Seems there was a blog on the tip of my fingers when I came down this morning, this wasn't it. After turning off dehydrator, bagged Green Beans, Carrots and Corn then heat sealing the closure, seems the blog got lost. Maybe it's in one of those food bags . As I sit here I'm watching flight activity at the kitchen window. Bird feeders have been empty since running into the hungry bear, just when I thought it safe to fill them Oneson came upon one with a radio collar. Ok, birds will fair for themselves, but not Humming Birds, or as I nick named them Hummies. They are wonderful enjoyable friendly creatures, and a perfect reminder of how each moment, each event, in my present reality is about harmony. Humming a tune of harmony with all creation as it shifts in consciousness for this new Aquarian Age experience.
This may mean no electric or transportation but we can manage if we choose to harmonize with natures creation for the greater good of all.

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