Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Did Mercury Rx Get You Yet?

All over people are saying they can't wait till this Mercury Rx passes, giving lists of hold ups teaching them powerful lessons. I knew mine would have meaning but never expected what I got. Thank heavens it goes direct 25/26th this week because I think we have enough to battle getting through the pressure of these Solar Winds which is like an elephant sitting on our head. Mercury Rx is a different animal this time around doing it's job holding back forward movement and communications. With me it's been holding back finances with this new tenant who has been a no pay July & Aug.. No pay with the gas company too as they resealed the tanks. Ya lost rent hurts, so does electric bill I pay which she's run up, but guess they are worth it for the lesson I'm getting about AGAIN not following my physic instincts. I've been told for years I must trust my knowing over what is occurring in physical. It's not new and not just with tenant, it's with my adult son who is the same personality, and has been this way with several important male love interests over the years.
~Narcissist~ people with great upfront personalities you just can't help but like, while knowing they are cons manipulating you behind a warm smile. Truth is ~these are dangerous people~ this personality doesn't allow compromise as they Will Have Their Way At Any Cost At The Expense Of Others. We just can't believe it and keep telling ourselves we are wrong and imagining this. The boyfriend in the 12yr relationship was one too. Watched him wheel his deception with customers, knowing he was doing it with me for years but kept telling myself it couldn't be, he was a great guy and I had to be paranoid. WELL GUESS WHAT I was not paranoid anymore than I have been about my son or this tenant. With a smile on their face they use you, look you right in the eye and lie to get what they want. They are so convincing in their likable ways you fall for it, because your to sincere to believe anyone could be like this. Finally this RX presented this issue of my not trusting my physic knowing, through a tenant rather than my adult child or a mate whom I love. Trusting our inner instinct over what we see outside ourselves, is one of the hardest thing we can learning to do. I have all the confidence in my physic ability when it comes to other peoples lives, but when it comes to mine I just don't want to believe others would do this to me when I have caring intentions.

Yesterday was a corker ~ started with Oneson's totally uncooperative weekend and me driving 20minutes to meet his work ride at 6:15 . This meant rush for me getting back to eat, shower, dress, and make it to IV Chelation appointment at 8:30. His sarcastic response to a question really set me off kilter. You just don't bite the hand that butters your bread. When home left a message for daughter who was to call me with instructions and alarm code to feed cat. Hubby and boys had left for the high country Friday, she worked and was to join them Monday. She calls me back annoyed and sarcastic that I bothered her cause as usual she'd over extended herself. This is rare btn us, so it was the clue something was going on with the energy, it was a warning the sky was about to fall in on me. A few minutes later tenant calls from where she's babysitting at daughters, asks me to loan daughter my key to her place cause daughter needs get something. Without prompting daughter tells me mother is a compulsive liar who has robbed her, and has been jailed for fraud a number of times. No real surprise, knew she was a con but AGAIN out of compassion I'd given an unethical manipulator the benefit of the doubt over my physic knowing. I see what she is doing in physical just as I see sons actions, yet each time fall into their trap of lies to further get me to be succumb to the will. NO I'm not doubting myself I just don't like doubting others and their motives or ethics. For some reason at this point in time-space I must stop this by learning to trust and act upon my knowing even it it's painful for me to do this. It's by design that not all beings will choose to step into the new paradigm higher consciousness and we must accept it may even be those we love, and protect ourselves from their attempt to bury us along with them in their low life pit of old paradigm corruption.

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