Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No I Know Why I Did It

There's always so much going on in my head I honestly have stopped trying to figure it all out, much of the time do that play it by ear thing, which is actually play it by thought. Over the weekend for some odd reason I got this urge to clean the shelves in the mud room. There are eight book cases 7ft high we got for the store to display raw crystals. They're the plain white ones from staples with movable shelves. On closing the store brought them home for eBay sale items, since eBay selling has gone by the wayside they are used for tools and extra cooking appliances. Oneson being who he is has spread beyond the portion deemed his by shoving things anywhere without organization; so be it until he enters my space! I'm one who likes to walk in a room, not turning light on cause I know each item is in it's place and can be found by simply reaching for it. No I'm the farthest thing from compulsive obsessive, I just like my disorganization uniform. Thus by Monday morning things had partly been reorganized on different shelves leaving the lower space by the outside door vacant.

Extra paint and garden supplies have been stored there. It's more organized to grab garden stuff as you walk out the door and keep paint with fumes there, but I've managed to move part of it to the higher shelves leaving the two five foot wide hip high spaces empty. Eventually realized in the back of my mind was to move rubber tubs, containing food supplies, from the attic to this spot. I wasn't quite sure why as food near the dusty drive way door made little sense, but I've learned not to totally fight my inner sense on things like this which don't effect other people. By the time the shelving was cleared and washed clean I knew that in event of a major happening we wanted food supply easily accessible. Ok I wasn't planning on an event but I won't fight my inner senses knowing they come from a higher mind than my physical.

Then Tuesday afternoon 1:51p.m. the ground beneath me began to roll for all of maybe 30 seconds. When these thing take you by surprise you don't accurately calculate time, but it was longer than realized as at first I thought it me sick and about to faint as I was dizzy. We have thud earthquakes regularly, this was a roll felt the length of the U.S. East coast. So it is rubber tubs with supplies have been moved near the door of an outside wall, in a section of the building without a second floor. Today more space will be cleared for tubs of dehydrated food and water bottles.I'm still not planning or sensing anything, but follow my instincts from higher mind as I go through this lower live physical experience.

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