Friday, August 12, 2011

Media Controls Our Reality

"A controlled and corrupt media has been directing the attention of the masses by uniformly reporting on a state of managed chaos." The Pleiadian's

This statement is a message in Barbara Marciniak's book Path of Empowerment. It clarified messages I'd been receiving for years at times of civil unrest which simply said "The plan has always been Divide and Conquer". Known it since high school and viewed how it worked beautifully to destroy any unity the masses might have mustered in their diversified lives. We are seeing much of this in the world today, where the masses join in peaceful protest for change and some outside faction steps in to create violence. This violence stops any meaningful change the peaceful movements are bringing to our attention. It's a well managed disruption to keep those in control managing their agenda. Even when we join together in sorrow and despair over things such as major terrorist attacks it is they who have managed the attack to look like something it isn't so as to keep their agenda rolling by control of our emotional thinking. I don't get involved with the current news unless strongly directed to by that voice of higher consciousness in my head . It simply is a diversion from creating the life I choose to experience by avoiding having my emotions managed via the chaos those controlling our world from behind the scenes create for the masses to react to. The trickery has always been to allow us to do it to ourselves through our emotions, because it's emotions which create the expression of the reality reflection. Now when I talk this it's a different slant because all is energy and I recognize any controlling side is something I've placed there as part of the collective creating this reality. So in truth we do this to ourselves as part of what we wish these aspects of our soulself in this focus to experience. We can no longer fall into the trap which has been set regardless of who we perceive sets it. Do you hear this? Your emotion creates the expression which is then reflected back to you as your life experience. If you refuse to allow yourself to be sucked into things which influence you through what you watch read and think then you control the level of your emotions and thus control the reality you experience as life.

"Human emotion is our most beautiful attribute and it's also our self destruction." In other words while it makes humanity what it is, it's those very feelings which create the reality we experience. Thus we can master our emotional flow to master the expressing which creates what we experience. The media controls our emotion and by it controls our reality,
only if we choose to allow it!

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