Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Polarity of Mercury Retrograde

Retrogrades are like leaving the house and not remembering if you turned the coffee pot off (yrs ago daughter bought me one with an auto off timer so I didn't burn the house down); would like a penny for every time the car was turned around a mile down the road to go back and check. It's always been off, but something memorable always happened on that retrograde to mark it. With this Mercury action I've calculated my report card could be better, but it's been a steady improvement to hold my highest resonance. All this probably bores you but is important for me learning to hold resonance by transforming beliefs held in cellular memory which in it's own way holds a frequency that deteriorates our Physical Health with outdated beliefs and thinking. The week before I'd also gone back to read from the collection of Pleiadian books to find the same thing was being said in the 90's as we're saying now ~ understanding was just different cause of awareness level. This is an important lesson one could only learn by experience over time to understand first hand how our level of awareness determines our perception and action. This allows for more compassion towards others by understanding all things are frequency on the scale of Polarity where we seek balance at the mid point. Buddha said we should seek the midpoint of all things or walk the middle road to be in balance. That old thing of calling someone "dense" carries truth as more density on the polarity scale is less awareness and less photon light, which with awareness increases as density decreases because there are no vacuums in the universe, and all things are constantly seeking their balance point. It's at this point when we feel harmony.

Mercury Retrograde retraces back over thoughts of things we didn't take action on or enough action. Retrogrades are second chances...Oh I know it seems every astrologer posts retrogrades as something detrimental cause they stop forward movement, but as with all things there is an opposing energy in Polarity. Being a Taurus Bull I'm into methodical slow movement, so like this action and apply it with positive reference to that polarity opposed to being detrimental, it's viewed as opportunity to retrace our steps to make corrections and adjustments. On the trip back retracing our steps we see what we missed, then on the Direct we get to set things as we desire them to be from our position of more awareness......How great is that!

Be observant as to what your repeating and set the according to desire this time in that frequency of higher vibration.

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