Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boundaries in the Aquarian Age

Love that life is a series of noticed events like steps up a ladder. It's been this way since forever for me, but more pronounced now as they seem to come immediately one after another these days, should be expected as we all recognize how time is closing in on itself and we almost get where we're going before we leave. Waking today thoughts were about how I love blogging but it's seen to have come and gone and is now a bye-gone-era. These days our groups are small, more defined in like mindedness.This too was predicted to occur as we'd join together in communities (or as spirit calls them Pockets of Light) of common interest as we progress to develop the new cycle paradigm consciousness perception. Our friend SeaNymph in previous blog comments pointed out the happenings in my life with a tenant where lessons I'd brought to myself to help me better establish boundary's with others so I don't get taken advantage of. How right she was, as it's how I'm learning to create the new wave Unifying in Consciousness Communities .

This is a time in which we are setting up base perception to define this new era. All in our societies are changing, including the economic system and soon we will find ourselves in a much changed life where the present monetary system collapses and we are forced to create something new for survival and sustainability. The old paradigm was about promoting our individuality and separateness in a materialistic reality. This new paradigm is going to be about Unifying as Individual Consciousness and doing our part for the greater good of All Equally as One for sustainability. For a long time I've been pussy-footing around with this, knowing that most do not adhere to the total concept of the hive and knowing that is not higher consciousness. The commune concept or the hive is far to restrictive to natural expansion in a evolving reality. We must work toward individual expression as unified communities that are self sustaining in their own different ways of like-mindedness.

Example: this property was purchased by me under the old paradigm of ownership. The new paradigm is where we recognize no one can own another and the planet that is a being in it's own right. We are forcing ourselves to remember this original concept and from it establish new perceptions for our lifestyles as Stewards of Mother Earth not rulers over her. Thus, as an elder I've established my space here through old paradigm purchasing power, where younger more physically capable ones can maintain the space as individuals in community. Not as a commune but through shared monetary funding to meet outer world requirements and sharing energy exchanges to meet our other personal needs.
One tenant keeps the grounds, my son does the repairs and improvements. Another tenant prefers a strictly monetary exchange as this comes from their expertise in the arts. I continue to take legal responsibility and supervise rules of compatibility for peaceful co-exist. All are individuals creating a harmony that suits us. Other groups will create their own harmonic melody and any new comers will have to do their own cooperative part so this Unity of Individuals compliments the sustainability of each as a community. We are a work in progress just as the learning process for each maintaining personal boundaries is a new learning.

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