Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New Value System ~WOW

"Every action in every moment within your reality, you are projecting energy. There is not one moment within your reality that you are not outputting energy, and that energy that you are outputting precisely draws to you the same. You automatically draw the same energy that you project." Elias
Ok I really do believe when I encounter something that displeases me or appears to harm me it is my energy that has come from within me that is extending outward. This thing where this non-tenant moved in and didn't pay and continued to lie about the when and stay so I could not clean and re-rent, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around.
I've checked me out at every angle with my son, the 15yr tenant and the girl here for 5yrs. I'm good with them, with son have felt I'm giving more than I get according to our standards in the physical. Pay all bills on time if not before. Connect with relatives friends and neighbors so they feel loved even if they don't call me, and try to help others when I see them in need. Of course, maybe in this last one I could give more of myself when the need is genuine. I feel there is no expectation in any of this giving...... must look deeper

So I'm still seeking how this non-tenant situation is a reflection from within me cause certainly I don't act think of feel the reflection she is giving. I'm beginning to see what we call reflection not so much as a action or what someone else does, because it in truth is not about the physical, but it about the frequency within the energy that creates the action in the physical. It also not really about that other person, they are just the one who is being projected this way so we can see a reflection of our energy. Considering this ~~ then perhaps the energy in me is that which withholds what should be given freely. Am I giving to others with expectation?

Yes... I guess this is it. Now I think I'm ok with work exchange for rent this all helps in it's own way to compensate and keep the roof over all our's something different. Like I just realize my son does the garden work but doesn't really eat much from it, ok but he loves to work in the garden, so gets an emotional exchange and me the physical in food. He's doing this cause eating organic is important to me ~ not him. He's giving unconditionally in the physical to help me get what I could not otherwise these days. Perhaps I've thinking to much of a balancing act between those who are part of this community we are creating too. Perhaps what I need begin doing is gradually diminish thinking of the old value system we established in the physical and begin to see exchange based upon the energy of need and ability to supply. (it to is supply & demand) Like son has no desire for the garden produce but I do, and it would be a killer for me to use the tiller but is so easy for him. I could never do the physical labor that is still easy for him. So this is a high value he exchanges if you look at the energy of it, yet in the physical world farm workers labor has little value and paid very little.

Yes Yes Yes.........another extended lesson has come out of this...Everything has it's blessing and this non-tenant must be appreciated for the role she played in the reflection of my energy back to me so I could learn this.....On an energy level her action was probably worth the months of monetary exchange she didn't give. I'm seeing that as this life progresses Oneson will be helping me do the parts of my life
I can no longer do, just as I've been helping him do the part of his life that he can't do...The value system is not based, and can not be based upon that old monetary system that failed; it must be based upon the Energy Value it holds for each of us. Wow a fantastic reflection to help create the new cycle system exchange value....

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