Friday, September 9, 2011

Experiencing the Frequency We Are

ya it's nearly done ... the ark that is ~ for the two by two boarding.
I'm trying for a blog the fourth time, electric keeps going out and of course I'm in notepad and loose it, they are switching grids over the river which is common during floods.. The APC is recharging which I disconnected and failed to plug PC into again. Seems this is an odd two days, actually odd week with two hurricanes coming at our non hurricane area, and Oneson home with no work due to rain and boss/fire chief a bit busy rescuing. Today the river crested 8a.m. bad flooding, more with this gulf rain than from the hurricane. This is a strange time cause Jupiter Rx should bring misfortune, of course, that's what I've been saying about how we will all perceive these experiences from our own frequency; and this stuff just isn't carrying much weight of importance for me. Been contemplating a generator for some time, finally got one last night on eBay, Generac IX2000 new portable for $549 free shipping. Great deal, it can be moved from building to building as need. It won't do well pump, hot water or central air but everything else. Dislike that it runs on gas but a Solar Panel is a bit risky living on a quake fault. First thing this morning spirit pushed me to call about the 10x10x8 tarp over frame greenhouse on sale the past month for $99. With all the non payment from that non-tenant I put off buying anything and have bit the bullet on it now that there is no one living off me running up the electric. Jupiter Rx has placed the income inretrograde from rent and expenditures, but none the less there is good energy to as I'm accomplishing what I've been contemplating for a long long time. This is what I mean about all aspect having their polarity depending upon the frequency of the
thoughts we put fourth. On top of it all Oneson has been a total pleasure as well as a much need help through all the chaos with these heavy floods.

The whole idea of abundance with Jupiter being in non-abundant retrograde is fine since spending and getting what we need to survive is the outcome. Fact is we should all recognize the economy collapsed several years ago, those trying to remain in control just won't give it up. Soon the dollar will be worthless so may as well buy what it can in the moment so we can be more self sustaining. Weekend promises to be dry and sunny which is good, there's much rain clean-up and garden end season work, not having to do it in the rain will be nice even though feet will be in mud.

Enjoy the weekend everyone........

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