Saturday, September 10, 2011

FULL MOON 9 / 11-12th Pisces

Ahh yes another one of those FULL MOON's this time in Pisces the night of September 11th/12th, look to see where P is in your chart. This one is known as the Harvest Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, how appropriate that is just what I'm doing. Full moons are emotional times, they bring endings deaths,it's well known how emergency rooms and police stations are extra active. The moon is about mood opposing our steadfast nature of Sun persona and they are always giving us a bit of competition within. Pisces is the sign of compassion. it carries the Christ Consciousness mentality and can be saint or on occasion will swim the opposite direction as the sinner. I was married to one, mother was one, my niece is one and then there was that lover... hummmmm, they all are saintly till you look underneath. An example the hubby and I separated never divorced and stayed friends until his departure of this life, but he had closer relationship to the bottle than me and in the end moved out of state so his disruptive behavior wouldn't destroy our lives...Bless him. That is so Pisces!

This moon will heighten tension influencing karmic issues and you may see things a bit out of focus at first and need to clear the view as we return to our true self and our All That Is recognizing you are One With Everything. Collectively we've been going through a re-alignment to our truths values and deepest desires which is changing our world as we expose the illusions and fallacies of our beliefs, this moon will bring them into more clarity just as that fatal day 9/11 did ten years ago. However if you remember to stay grounded you will come out ahead of the situation.

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