Monday, September 12, 2011

Underwater Babbling

It's become so common we talk in senseless riddles about it these days automatically knowing answers...Like:
Did you find one? a 2 by 2 partner ~
Do you have them? the
oars ~
Is it done? the Ark ~
we don't say hello, bur glub glub.

No it hasn't stopped yet. Every night rains heavy, days have been sunny with occasional heavy sprinkle, enough to keep everything always looking wet. Enough to make pasture impossible for horses as they will turn all the grass under and we must ware boots outside. The garden is rotting on the vines, brought in half dozen butternut squash that are rusting but not yet ripe. It isn't really hot temp 69/70degrees but opening windows is not possible as the soap in the dish was sweating all over the counter, furniture feels damp just like your clothes which hang limp. The laundry out of dryer feels damp the minute it cools down. Oneson used a heater on two large metal barrels trying to dry them after scrubbing to be used for horse feed and they won't dry. Just before bed last night noticed lightening so covered the box containing the new tarp style greenhouse, we never erected this weekend cause it is just so wet. This is a heavy strapped box and it is so damp wet we wouldn't try to pick it up knowing it will start falling apart. Needed to re-paint the wood work that non-tenant chipped when moving her furniture out but it's so damp it most likely won't dry and I don't want to have to install air conditioner as it's fall. There are 2small ones stored but Oneson has enough to do in this crazy weather. The tenant house basement doors have been open making a nice air current but the floor and utilities are still wet.

Now don't think this is a complaint cause it could be snow! each inch of rain makes a foot of the stuff. So far our rain level was something unheard of Oneson figured it to be about 2+ foot over normal high which would be 24 foot of snow on top of 24foot; glimpses of "Day After Tomorrow", we would never see the roof top again. With this rain and flooding electric company has been switching grids from Pa and NJ..... something they do for safety to turn off areas where it floods along the river. Anyway it switched off/on numerous times last week and one of those shockers got to my PC in some way...the speakers got destroyed, can hardly understand what is said with all the scratching...Fortunately they aren't built in so I can replace them. Several times TV was on giving a loud scratching blast, but it's ok so far.Today the first in week and half Oneson left for work. It's to rain off and on hope it's more off than on cause his wallet is hurting. He is doing fantastic without substances to abuse. and has actually cleaned up his attic room got new bedding and towels all matching. Spending nights searching hunting things on my PC and wants to get his own hooked up. Vast improvement in his attitude which suddenly carries some of his old self and a pride in himself. While he was doing all this I reminded him he either had to put new things in the dryer to heat kill any possible bed bugs eggs even if they didn't get washed, he started to give me lots of lip about shrinking his new socks but silently cooperated. Then a small blessing my words were backed up with a TV ad for some kind of spray to keep them off your horrid this has become epidemic. I'm going to insist the same with tenants as they will just move and stick me with the bugs to try and be rid of.
Transforming Times
~ now I'm working at thought of them not existing in my life but something says better just use the protection of the heat blast on them to help put them out of my perception.

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