Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There IS More (our Future World)

Weird ~ 5am awake from a potty call, Oneson and KodyDog come stumbling down 3rd floor stairs.."you in bed already Mom?".. He must of been sleeping really sound since 10pm last night to loose this time. The tenant leaving for work is fumbling with his old car, eventually son pulls tractor around to give him a charge. He's famous for leaving lights on then needing a jump start. I've since proceeded to catch up on the blog sites only to have the reoccurring thoughts of the past few days be 'Dismantled'. Just when I think I'm wasting time blogging people start talking the old perceptions and outdated paradigm concepts which we are leaving behind as the frequencies changebeyond 2012 and I realize they need more understanding. So I've been given a Gibbs (TV's NCIS program) slap in the head to wake me up to the idea another way of explaining this must be found to get it across to those not yet grasping what is really happening with what is called 2012 SHIFT.
So I'll start by saying forget the conspiracies and space brother stuff ~it's distraction. Right now you have more important stuff to contemplate and that is Yourself. However true any of that stuff may be, it is true only at the level which You choose to perceive it as such in your life...THAT IS HOW IT WORKS... It being reality. We each create a vibration of who we are from our thoughts and beliefs and as such project a vibration similar to it as our life reality experience. (read Law of Attraction) All is created from within us ~in our higher soul self mind~ and is then projected outward as physical manifestation we call our life reality... The thoughts we think project this manifestation and their vibration become what we experience. ALL things are energy with it's own vibrational frequency even thoughts...(read Physics)
*If your thoughts are angry resentful corrupt greedy then that is the manifested life you experience. *If your thoughts are loving compassionate filled with gratitude then this is the manifestation of life you experience. And so it is with what we call the Shift...the shift in energy has been created by that part of the Source Field, we are the Consciousness of, to offer us an expanded experience in human manifestation. Growth is what the universal field does and expansion is growth. As a collective of Consciousness we offer ourselves the choice of higher resonating frequency experience. My assumption is if one doesn't accept this expansion they will eventually view it in the physical as destruction or inhalation of society because the energy vibration of that reality is fading out or ending. It won't happen over night but it will happen that it is no longer the frequency humans can exist in for a reality experience. That frequency will exist but not for humans to experience anymore. This Shift is what religion called Ascension. it is a rising up of frequency in the energy that creates human experience. It is a choice each aspect of the whole (God or Source Field) makes, to flow into higher resonance or remain in existing resonance. The energy is present, if one choose to embrace it, and this choice entails accepting living the principals of Oneness. This means recognizing all things are aspects of a Unified Source Field of Consciousness and what one aspect does effects the All as part of itself. You can say or think what you want, but until you embrace living the expression of Unified Oneness you will not experience that frequency of reality.(there is no faking it as your thoughts vibrate from your Heart Mind) You can't think one vibration and exist in or experience another vibration. You and what you experience as life can only exist in the reality of frequency that your thoughts vibrate. You can't think low vibration thought and then experience manifestation of physical existence in a higher vibrational reality. ALL is energy of vibrational frequency even thought! and it is the thought or word of the mind/heart that creates. (this is a major truth in the Holy Books stated without deception) This period or cosmic energy cycle we call the Aquarian Age is creating a change, an up grade, where we can move into higher frequency human manifestation or remain in the lower frequency manifestation of the Piscean Age which is fading away for the human consciousness to experience. It won't happen over night but it is happening, the frequency that is the Piscean Age will eventually not be a reality adaptable for humans. Do you get this? the human experience is changing to a higher frequency and to be human you must raise the vibration of your inner frequency through the beliefs and thoughts you embrace. If you choose not to, you will simply as time goes on fade away in that old Piscean reality as a human manifestation. (I don't know how it happens I just know it does) This is Ascension or the raising of Human frequency and we do it as a collective of consciousness.. Remember we are not really these physical forms we only project them for the physical experience. Thus those accepting their Oneness with all will not experience a destructing world experience where humans fight humans for survival. Those accepting the higher resonance frequency of Oneness of All Things and live the experience of that Love from Heart Mind Thinking which will create a whole new reality in vibration of the Aquarian Cycle.....!

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