Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Meaning to many Old Prophecies

Last month signed on to receive the latest David Wilcox book "The Source Field Investigations". This field is nothing new to me, the read is like preaching to the choir as it is my reality, and more and more each day it becomes the concept of myself as a being. Book was written with the idea of turning others on to it's truth and to do so offers numerous studies on the subject with test groups proving it's existence, which is something new to me and very interesting. Have liked his work cause he has always searched for evidence of his spiritual truths in the physical reality around him. He offers some new insights and with them came the clarity of what my own Higher Consciousness has placed on my table. Rather than the message being a dinner meal I might contemplate and share with others, it was more like the centerpiece on the side-table which was be notice without contemplation. The information was there in clear sight but I'd taken little notice nor contemplated it's beauty as it grew within me to become a profound awareness. This has now become my truth, and it answers so very much as the dots have all finally connected.

Over the many years since childhood I've learned of ancient Prophecies of these times beyond that in the Christian bible which I studied. Recognizing this is that time spoken of, like most I've expected pretty much the destruction of our planet and all the innovation of modernization we've become accustom to living with. I knew somehow I'd avoid this chaos and it would be via raising my frequency so it would not be something to fear because I knew I created my experience from inner beliefs. I also have had the strong sense that 2012 was not an event, but rather the center point marker of a process which occurs/evolves over time. David gives the information which clarifies my feelings by pointing out a number of dates found in less currently popular predictions, from 2008 2011 2012 to 2014 which have been calculate from ancient text. If we look back we will see how earth changes began in ernest about 2010 and I see them as likely continuing at this pace to 2012 when they begin to decrease again till they quiets around 2014. Now here I'm speaking of only Earth events not social change. He states these events do not occur everywhere but rather in select area around the world. In other words the world is not totally destroyed but rather strongly effected with change because of these spotted events having occurred. In other words there may be only a volcanic in one small country, a tsunami in another and in larger countries more than one even. This has always been my own feeling, and thus qualifies the messages we would be creating 'Pockets of Light' in the midst of darkness as community.

Now I'm not going to step on this great guys toes by giving up freely this information he took time to research and post in his new book. It's how he earns income so he can also travel to spread the word to the world, thus will allow him this where others must also purchase his book. It's worth it for self awareness and a book you will willingly pass among friends as your way of sharing the information. Basically the new awareness is that we will continue to experience earth changes and the chaos which accompanies them but only in certain areas, not all the planet. These physical changes from earthquakes foods fires etc. will set the stage for a physical rebuilding and a new way of perceiving ourselves in relationship to the planet. Humans will begin to live "With" her and no longer just on her in usury. The perception of the masses will come to see themselves as one with all creation and how as energy forms all inner-acts with other, as other is only another aspect of self as the Source Field. Our new perception sees this Shift not as Doom and Gloom, but a cleansing of that which no longer serves us in the new frequency of the universe we have moved into. As these changes promote a whole new reality on Earth....thus the new Earth which was spoken of by seers of a more limited view.

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Dion said...

This YouTube video with Graham Hancock & David Wilcock is pretty good interview. The two complement each other well. It's a little long at just over 1 1/2 hours, but worth a watch if you ask me.