Friday, September 16, 2011

Living in NOW Really Does Stop Aging

Little after 9a.m. and it's starting to warm up to a grand 56 degrees, explaining why I'm wearing a heavy sweater this morning. The weather took a drastic turn from hot&humid to fall in just a 2hour time slot late yesterday. No surprise as September is doing it's thing with dead brown leaves covering the lane and the pastures, even tho the trees are still green, letting us know the arrival of fall is the pre-runner to the colder winter weather. They use to say that in a year span the moisture and temperatures balance to a common point....sure hope so as last winter was extremely cold for a longer than normal period, and this summer was hotter than normal for longer than usual. Lets hope all this might mean this winter will be milder than normal for our area as we certainly have had more than our share of rain in the past two years. Maybe that will mean with all our excessive moisture we will have less snow....Anyway turned heat on to warm it up for our a.m. showers.

So far not been any further than the door and busied me with bed changing and turning the mattress. Back has bothered me lately and as much as I'd like to think it something else know it's the mattress. Still think of it as new and it's lovely white silk damask cover looks new but that Sealy Posturepedic is all of 10 years old now, and they only give a 10year warranty on it. Oh ya you could buy a real high priced one promised for 20years but you pay twice as much, so here you really do get what you pay for. I turned it bottom to top and will see if it's better cause son just flipped it over for me a few months ago, or did time get away from me here again living in the now.

This seems to be happening regularly these days where the time span is far grater than I sense it to be, and I'm sure it's cause I don't really live with time anymore unless there is an appointment to keep. Hours, days, weeks, months seem to pass me by and it seems for sure only like yesterday that mattress was new. This is what living in the Now is supposed to do for us. What was in old paradigm over 10 years seems like yesterday, and with it we also only age from yesterday to today rather than 10 years. Living in the moment will keep us forever young cause we are not calculating our thoughts by future or past references which creates the perception of time and in turn age. As I've been saying we create situations in our expressions to help us perceive what our inner higher soul self wants us to recognise we are reflecting. This was a great reflection to realize living in the Now is keeping me in now younger longer cause I'm not creating aging of time in my perception...

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