Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lyme Diseases New Friend

Mention of Lyme Disease and I read the write as in 1992 contracted a waping case of it when 2months into a new relationship, which was enjoyed but really didn't have any desire to turn into a live-in. At 50 was more than happy living separate lives, able to be committed too. He wanted different, so it was always viewed as an act of higher self pushing me into what would offer me more life experience and new expression over the next 12years. Everything has it's purpose. In a state of fever delirium needing someone to get me up to eat and visit the bathroom, this great guy filled the bill until I could be left on my own, but this was the premise that moved him in. Even doctors said this was an uncanny case of Lyme and over the years there were 6 flair up. At the time I wasn't with it enough to think so like the herd was led to the Doxicyclin Script Troth.

It was 2005 while mentoring a young healer that I was finally able to say these offenders vacated my body. He was using distant healing by transforming our personal Blueprints. My role was teaching him the ethics of working with each patients right to free-will and choice by know what they would encounter as possible changes when this alteration took place, Archangel Metatron the spiritual guide directed the actual healing process. I was cured but with lingering effects which I've always recognized was my choice to carry for the sake of lessons provided. Presently I'm working on removing some of these things which have become hindrance no longer needed for the sake of learning. Several years after this I began Chelation of my blood to remove toxins and heavy metals, and found it also helped to cleanse my system organs of the clumps of dead cells and offending tenants of this plague.

Today I continue Chelation maintains and during one visit asked about the latest procedure this Healing Research Center uses for Lyme and other various Viral and Bacterial Infections. It's Ultraviolet Irradiation Therapy as a continuous IV cycle for about an hour several days a week until results are seen via testing. Thus far it has been very successful with Lyme Disease elimination. There are no ill effects and no alteration to the blood other than killing the invading offenders. Now unless you have total and complete faith in your own ability to heal and to work with energy healers as I did to receive my cure, this is being offered as a far safer method and more full proof than drugs with serve to damage in a different way...

Today they are finding Lyme has competition also delivered by these tiny Ticks so present in our woodlands. Below is an article about new findings:

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