Thursday, September 22, 2011

Setting TEnergy in Your AURA

Last night showed apartment for rent to a nice lady nearly 50 who just left her boyfriend. She lost her dog, husband, mother and house all within a couple months two years ago, so this sudden break up was being taken hard. Her other problem was no job and living on a subsidy of her husbands which is only a few dollars over my rent fee and is the lowest around and it includes electric. Being off the beaten path must charge less especially with gas prices these days, but always have. She was in a tearful state as she and her remaining old dog where bunked in with a friend and she had to get get out of there. Felt her energy, but only after the nights sleep did I realize it's weight and how it was most likely exaggerated by being hormonal. I'd been open to her and by doing so opened myself to her energy as I've been there done that myself. After the first cup-a java and starting this blog realized the weighty depression I rose with was not mine but hers and took a SAM-e tablet as a safeguard for the physical.
(if you don't know about it look it up on the web, a natural compound found in all our cells which depletes with age and is responsible for aging maladies especially depression ~ they helped me months ago when taking them regular ~ seems I should take them all the time maybe and remember to work on talking my physical form into supply it own again)
As I started to return to PC typing realize clearing her energy from my aura was what I really needed. After an Aura cleanse and charge I've finally returned to you a new person filled with a much lighter higher frequency than when starting this blog.

This brings me to realize how in this new energy cycle it's going to be more important than ever for people to adapt energy rejuvenation practices as part of their daily lifestyle because we are becoming a much higher vibrational frequency in this new Aquarian dimensional cycle. This cleansing of our aura and rebooting with Universal Energy has become a natural way of life for me just as other morning rituals and that cup-a java. They all get me started and despite being my norm I'd failed to do this because I was vibrating lower due to the weight of her depression. This takes only a few minutes, can be done anywhere, any time of day and several times a day if needed. It's worth establishing as a regular morning ritual so you start the day at your peek energy. I usually do it while still in bed, my failure created pure chaos in my morning because on rising I saw Oneson had left the barn feed room light on all night adding to my tohi
electric bill. When I mentioned it he became defensive (his norm) arguing how he must of forgot it this morning when he gave them hay...Bull was on when I went to bed and he was asleep, I thought he'd get up as he usually does to late hay them. He argued about how I should of woke him etc etc and I lost it cause it cause it was a simple statement and would make no difference he'd been defensive no matter when said. Had I not been carrying this woman's energy in my aura I know I'd not of reacted so poorly. Thus now I'm back resonating at my highest, so You are safe, and I'll share with you these videos on Aura Cleansing and Charging which are the same way I done it for 30years, but you can do it in a less obvious manner at your work desk or space once you become adept at feeling the energy flow through you. All is energy which loves to attach to higher energy than itself trying to do the natural thing of raising resonance, when our energy is in physical matter it attaches to our aura energy to become part of us if we don't cleanse us of it and reboot to our own highest level possible.

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