Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Putting the Problem to Positive Use

Since last spring I've felt I lived in something like the everglades as days are so often spent booted walking on soil that squeezes the water out with every sponging step. Mid summer we had excessive 100+degree period which was just as uncommon to the area, but by late summer into fall we were again sponging it with the horses knee deep in slock after two hurricanes. Last night 27Sept. it came in buckets waking us and for a bit stopped but more is on the way with an inch laying on top of the pasture already. I've never felt like I've complained about the water, but have vented how garden effort failed from rot, should of planted rice and watercress this year. Have accepted Mother Earths need for this change, but never took opportunity to really ask the why or think deeply about it other than recognize it as part of the reorganization of equalization of all thing as we move into this New Aquarian Age Cycle...and what is Aquarius but the water bearer. I work with water often energizing it with thought and even placing a written word on a scrap of paper under my drinking glass. I've created two man made ponds to work with the original water vortex in the woods. Use water to heal by placing plants in a bowl of water to infuse it for potenizing. Wash and visualize any heavy dense energy being washed away to lighten our aura field and charge our body suit. Have since just about forever drank extra water to create more energy flow, especially when meditating or channeling from higher realms. Water is a natural energy conduit, and of all things I've not been seen it as a the gift given during the hurricanes or flooding rains... Another lesson learned - look beyond the moments disruption to find how all things really do serve our greater good if we apply them with our thought in that way. Below are bits of the September 2011 message by Steve Rother from the Group...for a change they did a gottcha and one uped me. Maybe now I can put it to positive use it was intended as!!..

The Group
There is a huge re-distribution of water still taking place as we originally predicted. It will continue for the time being, and what that means is that many people will have challenges with water. There are only three challenges with water: too much, too little, too dirty. Those three pieces you are harmonizing now to find this new revolution, and the new vibration of planet Earth making a new spin like a top starting to carry a new energy.What you are experiencing has to do with water re-distributing itself and finding the places where it is needed on this planet, not just to balance the spinning top but also to find the best location to nourish the earth. You are now starting to think in a new consciousness for even today, there are many places where the water comes out of the ground so fresh that you bottle it and send it all over the world. That has caused a blending action which is very magical, for water is actually energy. We know that you do not classify it as energy in your scientific realms, but we do. One of the classifications of energy in our realm is that energy never dies, it simply transforms from one form to the other and that is absolutely true of water. The water you are drinking in your little designer bottles today is the same water the dinosaurs drank. It is the same piece holding the same energy carried throughout the universe, for it is not limited to planet Earth and distributes love throughout the universe. If you take that water into your body with the intention of receiving the love of the universe, guess what will happen? The little gods (you) will be right again for you will create that. This is the way to harmonize with the water, for it must move to find this new balance. It does not have to destroy to find that balance and that is what humans are dealing with right now. What you have not known is that you can make a difference in stabilizing this change. You are thinking there are billions of people on this planet, how can one make a difference? We tell you, one has all the power when you know how to access it and you know how to use it.

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Ien van Houten said...

That makes perfect sense to me. I have long wondered if the dramatic mis-distribution of water is a reflection of the imbalance in human affairs. As in, when we as humanity figure out how to share, the elements will even out....On the other hand, that is a very anthropocentric point of view, isn't it? Maybe it is up to the insects instead, and we are just along for the ride.