Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not a Song of Fear

Somehow we have come to this point in time were Time is rushing in on us. As it does things happen faster and faster one on top of the other, and we are given little if any time to think and absorb the shock when the next event takes us off guard. We must MUST in this moment protect our sanity and our spirit, we can not for one moment allow fear of the unknown by not having all the facts control our emotions. Once we buckle under to this emotion that's a tune we will add melodies to and it will be the song we sing instead of that of peace and inner calm to hold our highest resonance. We must consider the little events rehearsal for the big show. The voice of calm in the crowd is the voice of love that carries others and ourselves to scale to the top of the mountain where we can for ourselves then observe to obtain the whole view.

Last night was another sync...with WATER...there was a TV special about the Japan Tsunami on Nova. In the moment of that experience there was great fear and that flight to safety and to save loved ones. However, as a people the Japanese showed emotional control of their fear. They did not panic or freak out as it's called, they attempted their best effort for composure to assist others and self to safety in the moment with clear head and heart thinking. They showed their inner beauty in the face of danger and pain. At the time of this happening and again in this remembering last night I saw the face of strength courage and the inner light of loving compassion shining bright. This once again reinforced what is spoken of when they say we must not allow fear to override, but hold our highest resonance in these days .. we never know when we may be called upon to resonate our highest vibration and show other how to sing it with us.

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