Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not a Golden Age a Golden Race

Something strange happened to me...My path hasn't changed, but my direction in the moment has... maybe it's cause Multiply and spiritual sites are now so slow. People aren't even on FB like they use to be, and I wonder if we are each not just jiggling information around finding the order of priorities, and picking up only on the frequency of reality we are focused on experiencing in the momentas we scrutinize all the beliefs. Sort of picture that if our frequency reaches a next level we will see our reality to live it with like frequency and simply read or hear whispers of the reality others live. This definitely is what it feels like to me in this moment. For instance I'm not living the Wall Street Rebellion, I'm living flooding rains, (an inch of water on the pasture and lawn to wade in) living on a mountain top this is excess rather than actual flood. Along with this there was a TV special about the Japanese Tsunami, and then The Group channeled by Steve
Rother brings up Water creating the equalization of energy flow around the globe. I'm feeling this strongly here living on spiritual Native American land connected to an earthquake fault which carries energy like a roadway where water has played a major part in that flow with streams and small falls and the ponds where I connect energy with crystals. This energy which is present has me feeling I don't want to stir from home, not even to replenish the milk and bread or make a bank deposit. It's as if I did I'd disrupt the effort to equalize energy in this moment. Also I ordered two books Source Field Investigations about many things which have been kept from us. Mainly Russian scientific experiments giving proofs of energy and a field that flows through all things. There is another book about how we can use our double self in dream state to connect with another aspect of ourselves which is aware of past present and future, and by this then change our future. I'm working on me not working on blogging to inform or share information. The greater interest seems to be in regard to our physical structures wholeness of self and energy flowing through it.

All these things compiled has drawn me to a conclusion that it's time for us to think of us and our process of Being the new higher resonating humans. In some ways all these things point to how this is not so much the Golden Age we move into, but the time of the Golden Race. In Wilcock book he explains how historians feel this term Race was mistranslated to Age, as in ancient language there are several words which inner-change these two. The Golden Race is that which is today called the Lightbeing who carries in it's construct higher frequency Photon Light of awareness. There was according to the ancients a time when early humanity before the fall were lightbearing beings, and we as a species are now in this time rekindling this within our physical form. Thus practicing things such as dream connecting to carry healing into the waking us and using water to boost the energy in our structure and surroundings with more equal disbursement is something we can now begin to work on while reconstructing our outer world societies.

Last night I went to sleep telling myself to meet that double aspect of myself(still trying to grasp what the author is referring to as double - think it's our higher self it is what I connect to) to find out why my knees are bad and what must be done to remove this in my future self. Well this morning I woke with healed knees, at least they have no sign of the pain or pulled tension in muscles and ligament that has been so constant. It is said we may not be conscious of the future having been changed or what changed to create it, but should just be accept it as done. Powerful stuff and I'm giving Water much of the credit for being the conduit creating more energy flow in the Source Field to accomplish this...There is info from DW about how energy flow effects all things. This is but one moment here, one event in time, we will see what more progressive moments bring in the way of transformations of my knees in my future......
We are truly on a path to become the Golden Race ancients spoke of.

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