Friday, September 30, 2011

Is It Golden Race or Golden Age?

As promised this is an attempt to relate history without making it long or boring. Just not into history cause I know much of what we think is history has been inserted into reality time frames along the way when they were needed. This isn't just a theory I have experienced this with my children, and our personal reference to past realities,who are no in the mid 40's. (another subject - but not all we know as history actually occurs progressively as linear events. This can be contemplated by realizing what we know as past present future is occurring in the same moment. Life focuses are like a film strip of many time frames we can move from one frame or pocket of energy to another, called Time Travel or Time Jumping. David Wilcock talks of this in regard to energy with past and future atom structure being connected by the present which is a wave of our reality. His view is very physics based and not easy for me to grasp completely yet. This other French author speaks of it also, but refers to it as us in present having a double or alter ego type self in the future and in our sleep or dream time they can communicate. It's basically just different ways or perception of accomplishing the same thing, Time Jumping, which will occur as we become the superior or future human.) This is what this Shift is for. It brings a different energy frequency into our reality frame for us to work with, allowing us to activate many new abilities, one being Time Travel. It doesn't happen over night, but over time we will each learn to work with and perfect new talents until we are very different, very accomplished beings, compared to what we are today. Their studies are just breaking the surface of understanding how we go about this. Mastering this will allow us to have more understanding of the current or present experience by controlling it for future outcomes through awareness of how we must express ourselves in the present to get those future desired outcomes. We will live in a Eden of bounty, and beauty attaining all we desire. A life of no stress, hunger, wanting, war etc. It is that glorious New Earth New Jerusalem of the Golden Age which has been spoken of throughout history.

In his latest book Wilcock says the term Golden Age is a mistranslation of the term which was originally Golden Race. This came into play when referring to those of Atlantis of Lemuria which were highly developed societies with much wisdom carried more Photon Light than what we do today. Perhaps as I see it those being carrying more light of awareness than what was the norm for the frequency of that particular reality backdrop. They are what Jesus was described to be and why such holy men as He and Buddha were painted with glowing halos.We must realize the records are mixed up cause the original man who developed these religious type beliefs over many generations moved his homeland over the centuries. What began in Africa moved into Europe and Russia then settled north in the Arctic and with the Ice Age then moved south below Russian into India and what are other countries today. This race of peoples was mixed and of many cultures, but has been referred to as the original Aryan race. Their religions split and original information and belief known as a Golden Race disappeared by being referred to as a Golden Age, which was believed at some point would be revived. It got mistranslated in record-keeping from Race to Age. There is a more precise history on this at the Zoroastrianism web site. This is apparently still held as a religious belief system.

To my thinking this is logical Race to Age and with the study of astronomy and development of astrology the Age we now speak of was really the cultivation of the human races evolutionary process because this Age is to bring about what has been called Ascension or rising of the energy frequency which creates what is called Light Beings or Glowing Beings who carry more Photon Light and then will glow or appear radiating a golden light from within. Photon Light as we now know from development of Fiber-optics carries information or awareness. So be it, this is just another piece to this puzzle we are putting together we call the Shift of the Ages.

So answering the title question it is the Age when being all Races will glow Golden as they take in to become a higher frequency resonance. We can only wait to see how this glow appears. Will it be entire body or the halo effect?
...getting interesting...

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