Saturday, October 1, 2011

Do You Feel It Opening?

The world is really different. Do You Feel It?
I do Blogger Multiply FB a couple of Lightworker sites occasionally, also programed to a couple blogs I can't even get into anymore. What I've noticed is how people who post are getting the same few, and I do mean few, readers that comment. Physically I'm connecting to the same few too. Seems we have all fallen into a niche of thought or interests and are staying there unable to climb out whether we are blogging or reading. It's like we are in a niche that vibrated our vibration and we jiggled into it cause we got caught up in that vibrations wave length. Now that's not a bad thing as it's requiring of us to cultivate thought about the subject most important in our lives at the moment. I'm not so sure it's not a sign of the world dimensional frequency splitting. Some say their will be two earth realities like the Hopi Prophecy Rock shows. I see it more like an over lay in realities where dimensional frequency is like the German Nesting Dolls one on top of the other and our own frequency vibrates us across the field to then connect to a like vibration. (did you ever watch a dish vibrate on a flat surface to music vibrating~~well) Presently it's sort of like being in the movie The Others, we are aware of others of a different frequency reality, but we are not connecting or really inner acting with them. I've always felt it would be like this and maybe it has happened, or in part happened cause I'm sensing much resistance from others when we don't think alike. Not anger or resentment ~ but resistance as if we repel like magnets. If it happened, it's going to take us a period of living it before we can fully recognize it, just like it did in that movie. If you haven't seen it Nichole Kidman stars, and I'd suggest you rent it cause it will expand thinking to what I'm saying. I'm not so sure many agree with my view yet, it seems most think of the Shift or Split of energy we are to encounter as a them or us thing, and I truly don't believe that would be. Anyway give yourself a treat and rent the movie.

Myself it's still and always has been about expanding enlightenment or raising frequency of awareness via Photon Light within me, so I can radiate more and more Love and Equality for all frequency as we create a new social inner-action regardless of how the think or live, as many of the same frequency will be doing vastly different tasks toward this creation. For others they blog endlessly about world weather changes, others about world disasters, some about food or it's shortages and self sustained living, other poverty, some animal kingdom and their plight, others politics or about the rebellion around the world against government. We may slip a thought or two in about something else, or if your animal vibrationis the same as my weather vibration or your economic view the same as my self-sustaining view we'll connect in vibration. You can tell now more where a persons heart vibration is or what creates their vibrational aura and it is vibrating us close to or further away from them. Now this path is exactly the same for all of us as we end up the same place, we are just walking different branches of the road to get there and some of those roads as the separate will not vibrate near each other till the next shift. One way or another we are all where we are meant to be, doing what we intended to do to get there, wherever that ends us up when we arrive. I've got this strange feeling we're not really going to know when we do arrive as there will be no band playing, no banners flying, it's going to be just a matter of our life continuing in the reality frequency we've chosen. Until the energy opening/door/portal closes it will seem we have rolls in the movie The Others. I'm sensing strongly this Portal has slowly begun it's Opening and will be fully opened by October 28, 2011 and will remain open until December 21,2012 when it will begins closing again.....
I'm calling this period of energy "the Shift Portal" as it lines up with the two controversial dates of the Mayan Calendar...
Do You Feel It?

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