Saturday, October 29, 2011


The Mayan Calendar has come and gone......guess what? just as so many of us said we are still here, "the world didn't end" with the calendar. Of course there are those who believe it ends 12-21-2011 as their calculations were different but trust me it's no quicker to end then it did yesterday. I'll say it again the period between 10-28-2011 and 12-21-2012 is a holding period like midnight when the clock moves from one day to the next. It's ENERGY that is ending one vibration and taking up another. If your really sensitive you many feel it, most likely not as it's no more shocking a change than going from one day to another. Today I sense a subtle change in energy it's maybe lighter??? hard to say it's just different like nothing I've felt before, I almost want to say I can feel the air flow more. The thing to notice will be how it effects our lives, like last week we talked about how instant manifestation of insignificant things was becoming common place as it's occurring many times a day. We worked into this gradually without much notice, then one day the scales tipped and we saw how it was more a part of our daily routine than not. Well that's what this energy change from one frequency to another will bring. If you resist going with the flow of changing consciousness your going to add chaos and turmoil to your life, if you go with the flow you'll simply find one day your there living it. Today it's to rain turning to snow, unseasonable for October,already started with sleet at 6a.m. The Crystals are still outside basking in the energy change and they seem joyful even in this weather we humans aren't to happy with, but it is what it is, and I see it as part of the energy trying itself on for size in all things including the elemental. All elementials Earth Air Water Fire are changing frequency with us, this means they will act and react differently so come to think of it this that I feel as lighter air with is more flow must be that! "POWERFUL" Don't know if you ever worked with the Air or wind but it's fun when you see it responding. Of course the trick is to ask for this as help with intention of it being for the "greater good of all" not ego, and never use it as a test or game. My suggestion at this time is to attempt to sense what you can in this changing of the guard, so to speak, with the new frequency now tipped over the mid point at 51% new frequency. We have entered a period of acceleration of critical mass.The pace to the 100% mark will be a rapid fast pace upgrade so hang on for a wild ride till we reach that dated marker point at the end of 2012.

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