Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reporting In ~~finally!

~first thing..all is fine we had no electric for a week and then PC got fried~
Friday 10-28 was the End of the Mayan Calendar energy, also the end of old paradigm energy in my space as it all got cleansed out by Mother Earth with unseasonable heavy wet, one foot plus, snow storm that took fully leaved branches and huge trees in it's wake. By Saturday 29th mid morning roads were impassible due to trees, taking electric lines down and we began more than six and half days of living Little House on the Prairie. Quite the adventure as we learned the substation here on the mountain was fried and had no indication as to how long it would take to install new equipment even after clearing roads of trees from and replacing the lines. We were in a disasters zone with out of state help and the high school had become a command center with kids home for the week. The clinker was when the power came back on and I booted up, found the surges had also fried the power source on my PC. So it went to the doctors for a replacement and good cleaning.....Even with Virus Protection they found there were a number of them. All happens for the best and we are running fantastic now with much better protection. Costly but worth it as we rid old energy sources and recharged with only that data which was necessary in our memory, just like we humans did at this time.

Some might call my experience ghostly or spirit infiltrated, but simply I see it as me creating the appropriate situation from my energy within to serve me best at the moment. First the electric went, then we tried to watch the news using the generator and just as it was over the cable went out. A few hours later my daughter finally returned the phone check-in (she was without electric too) once we said our I Love Yous the phone went dead. At first I wondered why so dramatic with this noticeable step by step removal from modern convinces? then it hit me. The energy needed total cleansing of the old frequency so the new frequency could be set in place with it's unlimited format . So it was not only had all my Crystals and Gemstones been out in the elements to cleanse and recharge, a situation was created to actually remove the 60year old large Electric Transformer and replace it with a totally new system for charging our electricity. On top of this my computers power source and data were cleansed and recharged. This was a WOW of a realization that my energy of belief could do this and with it cleanse and recharge the entire area I'm experiencing life and operate in on a daily basis.

Higher Consciousness has always informed me in gentle ways and protected me completely so there is never any fear or anxiety with life events. Large trees and branches where falling all around us, we had no contact with the outer world, and were trapped here on the mountain top unable to traverse the roads; but there was no fear no concern we simply proceeded to live each moment as it needed to be holding our highest resonance working together in cooperative love. We had one Cedar tree split at it's Y just missing the horse barn, now the two are the same height as twins...they stand either side of the horse shed in the field. From what we gather only a few people had trees on sheds no houses or people were damaged in this area. Thus, here I am back but experiencing all new energy as we spend this next year till 12/21/2012 formulating a new reality to be experienced in a higher vibration. Now I'd question my own thoughts here except that the timing can not be denied when the Mayan Calendar energy ended at midnight and it began laying heavy wet snow at midnight which cleared away the old energy leaving us with what many people are saying is a completely different lighter feel in the air. After a two week adjustment period Acceleration of Critical Mass begins 11-11-11 continuing to 12/-21-2012

P.S. it's good to be back among friends and thank you to everyone who thought ask for me

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