Thursday, October 13, 2011

Echo's of the Now Moment

Today turned on PC, read and responded to my latest blog, then drove son to meet his work ride, 40minutes to&back, during this drive thoughts were churning in my mind sorting themselves out. My response to the blog said "I'm easy cause I want others happy, but I'm starting to ask will this make me happy in the end?" then it was out of my mind. When I got home and booted up again the first thing noticed was my own statement "What we do today echos through eternity" and I realized my response attitude came from this realization as I started to blog about how we should ask ourselves if what we do or want today will give us the outcome of peaceful joy we desire in the end.
That is a big one isn't it!
We are getting more use to living in the Now but the Now action creates energy which echos throughout the Field of Source energy forever-after being part of it. So the NOW MOMENT holds consquences in this way. It is not really Karma as we know it, cause we think of Karma as reaction to an action in a physical sense, when in truth it's an energy which places consciousness in the Source Field to ever after become one with us and all that is. This is really deep! These are times of transformation for society and humanity which will have outcomes far different than what we are accustom to as we will react differently to stimulation. Not just our perception is changing but our emotional attitudes change creating a different response result. Thus this process of acting in the Now Moment presents unexpected outcomes cause what we are creating with our changes is a different us and some totally new energetic result. Example: Everyday I wish son would move out for many reasons; for a start he's DrJekyll & Mr.Hyde with the substances, and a slob who never puts things back or picks up after himself ignoring my preferred way of life, he depends on me as his transportation. There are more cummulative negatives than positives since he feels entitled to impose on others. Then I perceive the outcome ~~ which
would eliminate all I dislike making life simpler and more in-tune; UNTIL I take note of the outcome result for his addictions, KodyDog and the two aged horses. These are beings with feelings even if they are a different species than myself, son is a being who's trying but doesn't seem to have the stuff. So when asking if this outcome would be joyful peace for me the answer is No. I'd feel I'd not taken into consideration the 'greater good of all' for these other aspects of my oneness. My choice would harm them and thus harm me as we are all One. Must also look at it from the other side of the mirror too. He provides me with quality repairs and installations in exchange for rent, as well as assists in many thing where age has placed some limits on me. Also I need companionship of his dog, horses and all the deer he brings in. I even need the responsibility to something other than myself in my life. Most of all I need son and all he brings as a reflection of my inner self to perpetuate my own transformation process and further enlightenment. As we more and more feel our Oneness with All That Is we will now acting for the greater good of all is the only way we will get the outcome of peaceful joy we desire. Thus, there is that Greater Good aspect to each Now Moment because as a bottom line the physical experience is a result of how we express energy from within. This is a new way of looking at life, it will be our way in this new cycle to see our Now Moments for the Greater Good of the All and not just for the self and this is the energy behind saying
"What we do today echos through eternity"

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