Friday, October 14, 2011

Equel Servings

Yesterday son came home with 4x4x4foot wood crate of Apples. Says it's 15bushels @$90. Guy he works with buys rotted ones for his pigs, they were out of rotted so got good ones, wife will can some too. Son got same for his horses and deer, put some in refrigerator for his lunches, will core for Baked Apples, slice to dehydrate for baking and chips for snacks like trail mix. Sometimes we get wrapped up in other peoples moments cause this really is a bit much in amount & $. Oh well his doing. Intended to do some last night, didn't get to it....these days either I'm in the mood in the Moment of Now or I don't do. Regardless of what! Here comes living in the Now to create my Joy, others will have to fend for themselves working around me in their own way. Sort of like a elephant being lifted off my chest, and the attitude feels great!'s so much more real breaking away from the programing that so limits our true Joy in each moment by being politically or socially correct. The example is these apples....tomorrow is ok they'll still be good, as much as programing says to start now to get them done, I don't feel like it, so I won''s that simple finding our JOY of the guilt about it what-so-ever.

This started last week with the friend who I've been taking to grocery shop. She drives, has use of her sons second car, but doesn't use it. Says she falls asleep driving, has for years???? have no idea why one could not drive 4miles when they have no problem staying awake as a passanger. Also note she buys only dry goods so could do a few weeks at a time rather than just for the week since it all comes out of a monthly check. She walks to a stand down the road to buy fresh. Last week she called asking if I was going, said "No had no reason as I buy backup except for milk and pick it up on trips taking son to meet his work ride". In the moment I felt like a B---- got over it soon telling myself this is meeting my Joy in the moment and others just have to find their joy without my short changing mine. This week she got her son to take her in the evening. A missed opportunity for enjoyable conversations and friendship, but in that moment of now I preferred other Joy. Must remember to take her the first of the month so she can cash her check at the bank. A learning ~ I must stop putting my joy on the back burner by putting others first. The People Pleaser characteristic promoted by my Venus in Pisces at 29degrees. Why? cause we are all One and my Oneness also registers equally in the greater expanse, so putting me last is as detrimental to forming the frequency of the Unity of All as not caring for others would be, who are all other aspects of ourselves. Their registering their energy of Joy is no more important than my registering of Joy, and if I'm always slighting mine for theirs then mine is actually a lower resonance of Joy being expressed. This is quite a realization in that thing of finding the Balance in the energy we place into the collective consciousness......Unity is Equal and Balanced.

It showing us how we are our own first responsibility and then we can assist other around us who will fall into sync with their own frequency.

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