Saturday, October 15, 2011

Turning the Action Light On

Yesterday didn't start well, but it ended well..son was putting up two new sensor light at the apartments and had two days off this week plus early days, but they are unfinished cause he was to busy tipping the elbow. Called the electrician, this is business and it can't wait on son getting to it or I'll find myself with a law suit. Last night the guy, a neighbor, called back and will show today to take a look at it. With my losses from the last tenant I really can't afford this and wanted son to work off rent exchange (very slack on this and he doesn't pay if there is no exchange but over time it is designed on it's own to even up)...with his lack of cooperation at this rate he's living for nothing and I'm paying outside help to keep things so he has a free roof over his head. This new economic system doesn't work if all don't cooperate. However, this will put him in his place if nothing else through embarrassment with the neighbor, even if the place isn't good for me at least he'll realize he doesn't control me. This is part of his act to feel in control of his own life knowing in truth he is not because addictions control him. Noticed many years ago how people who are not in control of their emotional selves will gain the perception of being so by holding control over others. Oppression comes in many forms! This is the illusion of control abusers use from lack of self-control.

Realizing this sort of thing is occurring we must stop it asap. and that's not always easy. However in this event my actions will stop control over my life by my simply getting what must be done, accomplished in the appropriate time frame without his involvement. Basically it's a case of my remaining detached (not getting emotional about this lack of others owning up to their end of the agreement with me) then finding an alternative to do the same thing. It's all unemotional keeping me detached from game playing which we in the old paradigm made part of our inner-action with others. We are all at times guilty of this as we all have twisted little perceptions to get our own desires met. This is the main issue here "Game Playing" has been part of the old paradigm energy and it's not part of the new energy. There is a complete frequency incompatibility between it and the new frequency. We will all eventually learn detachment from emotional game playing and with it create more ethical honesty in all our relationship inner-actions.

If you've been keeping up with my blogs you'll begin to see how this situation with an adult son is all coming together to help me transform my own level of unemotional detachment from life's games. We can care, love, be compassionate in a new way by not taking on an emotionally charged reaction to what others do, regardless of how it may appear to effect us. We are then able to do our life on our own terms without carrying that baggage from emotion, which creates blocks in our Emotional Energetic Body to eventually become manifest in our Physical Body as dis-ease and illness. Since I'm one to Stew (waiting for others to cooperate) rather than have a confrontation this is a major issue for me. So as much as I'd like to retaliate with old paradigm reactions, I'm not going to. I've remained detached,simply going about meeting the criteria in my life as I must to keep it in tact and peacefully under control.

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