Sunday, October 16, 2011

Read First 8 Words Above

A Shift in Unity Consciousness Circles the Globe
The top of my page has held the term UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS for many months now. Thus what is occurring around the world is thrilling to me because it's exactly what I've been saying was in progress. Recongnizition of this came to me many years ago when by 2004 I was shifting and beginning to share the idea of everyone having a shift in consciousness of their own. The tricky part was no one had any idea how this would play out when the masses actually Shifted.

Well now we're seeing it, and it makes oh so much sense. The idea of The Shift became popular in the Spiritual Movement groups, but spirituality means something individually different to everyone of us and every aspect of Oneness, so common sense said it would not take place via spiritually but by something the whole of the higher consciousness of humanity held in common...If you look back it has occurred in just that way with many changes and adversities occurring in the environment. Air and water quality, seeds being modified, changes in climate confusing the growing cycles, all common grounds but still not enough to have us all directed on the same event. T H E N we hit on it way or another in these current times we are all effected by the economy in what has most recently become a Global Economy. Even the remotest of tribes is indirectly effected by this because it's land mass is governed by organizations that are part of this Global structure. Thus the WWW has produced a WWW Unity producing a global inner-action in all aspects of our life as we are all now aware of the others existence. We are all effected by the Global Banking Situation and from it people began to speak our in a united movement called Occupy Wall Street that soon overtook American and has now spread Global as of October 15th. If
you've kept up with my blogs on the Mayan Calendar and Astrology you'd of been aware it was going to be a happening sometime around October 28th.

In many ways the Global Economy was the first step of a resource based economy, but it's downfall is that it was still based on the idea of a Value System. With the Value System involved it's supply and demand, also who has the most toys to offer to remain in control over the game others must play.... Thus the basic idea of a resource based economy has failed, cause resources are just that without value place on them other than giving what others need....when we all do it freely we all get what we need. Anyway it's this failure which created a common ground for humanity to find need to Unify. Unity arose from this which has collapsed and is raising as the Phoenix of a Unified Consciousness World Wide.

Oh ya it was all predicted wasn't it....and it's coming to pass as I'm typing. Humanity is seeing it's basic likeness amid all it's less important differences, which is our first step in Recognizing Others as Ourselves with Love.

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