Monday, October 3, 2011

I Get It ~Finally I Get It

Time to make change, take a step up the ladder, do something more = What? is the question. It seems I'm being pushed again by forces that appear to be not my doing to protect myself or my lifestyle in the physical. Truth is this which is occurring outside myself is really a reflection of the energy from within me. It's energy that I carry which has been buried deeply suppressed that must transform to make me the whole or pure being I desire to be in this new Aquarian Age Cycle. That is what the cosmic energy of Now is doing for us. It's recognized cause I feel emotion that is not part of this moment and see how it is creating these situations....Ya I'm actually able to visualize where my emotion is creating situations in the present that would not otherwise exist without them. I'm also clearly seeing how any events in my life are there so I can visualize the energy of the emotion. We normally perceive emotion as a feeling, but it carries energy that can be visualize too. So this is a learning process as I open new neural pathways and activate DNA by taking in new frequencies. It's on a level of being able to see myself with an x-ray but it's the emotions that are getting scanned this way. From what I gather for myself, this is about my ability to not just accept the 'idea of detachment', but "TO BE the energy of DETACHMENT"; and there is a huge difference. Think about that for a bit it's an important concept. In the new cycle we will express our lives differently by being more our inner selves and less reactive to those around us. We can love without serving the desire or expression of those we love...we will all be our own person.

Do I have son removed legally or do I learn to put him out of my emotional space even though he is in my physical space?...It's the latter because one can't learn to BE DETACHMENT if there is nothing to detach from. (this is not about physical life it's about the energy that it is) Also I'm aware how over space and time I've detached in increments like steps up a ladder in my physical life perception. I let go when they left the nest again when they moved away and married and took another as their main connection. This may be, and probably is, the top step cause it's more than detachment from the first child I gave life to who carries my physical genes and blood and lived within me for nine months.
His existing within me was not just physical, but was within the Source Field Energy that I am created of. Now this is getting deep. He was/is a division of my Source Energy. This makes him the closest thing in the physical world to being One with me...This is giving me recognition of my oneness with all it can never be separated as it is always a portion of myself or an aspect of the Source Field. Thus, this is the epitome of Detachment, it's acme. No wonder I've been at it for five years step by step.

I'm in process of learning to feel what BEING DETACHMENT is, not just in the physical but as Source Energy that I am, and it is not separation but being a different expression of myself. I am feeling what Source feels with all the different aspect of itself...WOW what a trip!

Anyway now regardless of how disruptive he is in my life to Detach without feeling emotion and simply view him as being a expression of it's own that has nothing to do with me. This way he has no effect on me. He is like other expressions I pass on the street in physical life that I feel detached from and am not effected by cause they are strangers. His expression must become this detached from me as an expression. This is BEING DETACHMENT. This is what we must do to raise ourselves to the next expression of frequency, by letting go completely Detaching from the physical we expressed thus far in this focus of life so we can create a new expression. Now that is a tall order, possible, but tall, no wonder it is causing quakes in the physical expression..............


Dion said...

Impeccable timing. Perfect message for me. The need for my continued 'DETACHMENT' in life was very present in my thoughts yesterday. It was a breakthrough yesterday for me needing to accept the detachment and get on with life. Then here you are today with this blog about detachment. Thank you for the synchronicity, aKuna Kumara.

aKuna Kumara said...

Thanks for your comment it is so heart warming to know how we are always connecting to the right people at the right time clarifying how we are truly ONE