Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yakyakkkk CHOICES

Ok Bad Energy Day....
not sure why.
first*** woke still dark, laying there had some depressed depraved thoughts about how I could settle my problems..all my problems. That of course isn't me and was put out of my mind emphatically.
second***son comes down stairs from 3rd to 2nd fl not knowing I'm awake, asking did I hear gun shot between us and tenant house. Dog flew over him and out the screen door to wake him. No I didn't. I'm already dressed it's nearly 5:30a.m., outside tenant is in driveway car hood up, won't start on way to work, so at five in the morning mad ~ he slams the hood. This is after he slammed his apartment door closed, at 4a.m. when he checked the weather. Doesn't work outside, it's Oct. at most it's raining and he will dress exactly the same in his factory uniform anyway, doesn't wear a jacket boots etc. So why? there are windows, outside lights, even tho he doesn't have cable TV there is radio ~ anything but slamming the door to check the weather. Doors are swollen from so much rain, this doesn't mean you start slamming them so the whole building shakes. Mine is swollen too, it closes nicely with a gentle pull so as not to rattle the windows loose. He expects son, obviously awake along with the whole rest of the mountain side, to look at his car electrical problem. Son tells him take it to the mechanic that worked on it Friday but the two continue conversing, son on third floor balcony tenant in lane outside, while I'm wondering who has the TV blasting as I'm cranking up the PC in the quiet at this hour.
May I choke both of them now?

It's 5:30a.m. Sunday morning thank you.! There are other tenant dwellings on this property and a neighbor not that far when you can hear dew drop in the woods at this hour, and they pull this....Rude down right inconsiderate at this hour ~ angered ~ they've provide me a reason to be the bitchy landlord and instruct two (47 & 48 year old men respectively) to use some consideration; And they of course will once again resent me for treating them like children from the look they give each other.... on top of which this means I start my day wet since it's still raining and has most the night creating puddles for my slippers.

While talking they see a small Red Fox run next the car. It goes back and forth nose down searching, not noticing people. Son takes dog to see his friend outside and they meet in the near pasture. Horses are by this time screaming for breakfast (they can't tell time) even in the dark, did I mention it's five a.m. Sunday morning....the D/%n Stu*%d tenant is looking under his hood again and slams it closed AGAIN ! This from a guy who is about as mechanically competent as the cat at the general store, I mean why bother when you already looked and saw nothing.
Did I say this started as a Bad Energy Day?
Sometime we really are tested to the end of our rope, to think LOVE from our heart mind...practice practice practice. And I hope this is not the frequency of my reality and wonder why or how I even stepped into a vibration liKe this it is so far out from my norm? OR
is it another why of showing me the choices..and their future outcomes ????

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