Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Fangled Flashlights for the Flyers

When you get something good and know eventually it will go up you naturally try to get another to replace it before this happens. Oneson has the greatest flashlight which holds a charge for what seemed forever, he tried to replace it and the only source seemed to be online. Yesterday a package with two more of these hand held gun shaped devises arrived. He opened one and removed a large fold out multi-language instruction paper...Now really who needs this much instruction to use a flashlight, especially one made by Black and Decker who's been around since forever and pretty much all the bugs out of this simple item with a small black hole on the back to plug a prong into it, which is attached to a a cord with a power pack to plug into a wall outlet to recharge; and a trigger on/off with a lock behind it...really no explanation needed even for today's aware four year old. Well at least we in the USA don't have a problem with this, but apparently B&D is being sold in other countries, some so remote in the world that uncommon warnings must be give for this new curious Appliance, at least according to the Instruction Manual for this Rechargeable Spotlight. It provided son and I with a good laugh.
Avoid Dangerous Environments
Keep Children Away
Don't Force Appliance
Use right Appliance
Dress Appropriately
Use Safety Glasses and other Safety Equipment
Don't Overreach
Avoid Un-intentional starting
Stay Alert
We laughed at this then of course after watching the Flyers Hockey game last night we are sure these instructions for this Orange Application were for the players in the orange & black uniforms, and noticed the one thing forgotten was how to turn the light on to see the puck.

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