Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ending A 26,000 year Spiriling Cycle of Evolution

It's Raining - It's Pouring - The Old Man is Snoring
Well actually son slept in late..he needs it since they were making up work time with longer days, he gave roofing up in his 20's and is now back at it to stay working it's taking a tole on his bod which is only a few years away from that half century mark. He's quite stressed doing no booze, even with help of medication nothing removes that craving but time ~long long time. Aware of this having smoked for 40years then stopping, and also when in Real Estate got into our Wine and Cheese Open Houses for Agents, found I began craving and knew it had to stop before real trouble took hold ~ that wasn't easy even when not yet gone overboard. So in the private confines of my life there are huge endings and new beginnings occurring as Oneson reflects through his life my inner frequency. This current Rainy Day is a good thing even though the ground is still soggy from all the rains and rains and rains. We don't need it but this one is being used as a cleansing............yesterday's new moon energy moved into an emotional Scorpio directing energy for rough founded endings so this rain is washing away the residue making way for the new beginnings. What better than this since tomorrow we have the End of the Mayan Calendar energy.

This morning energy actually felt different the minute the door opened. It's cool and damp in the low 50's, promising 40's late today with possible wet snow. Later will run to restock milk and fill car gas tank and pick up son's tractor parts order and avoid being caught in bad weather driving by evening . Prepared we can rest easy. Friday's End of the calendar is to be sunny, wonderful for the celebrations taking place. With the earth changes you don't know what to expect in weather, being prepared is not quite the same as planning for a future it just eliminates any reason for concern in each now. What better way to end a 26,000 year energy cycle and enter a new one. Rather than attend gatherings I'll be working with this space setting the energy for the period to come. This is not a group activity, so I'll not be having any ceremony's here as the energy is to remain as pure as possible so it can be more distinct. (hard enough with myself and tenants here) 9-3-2011 we entered a energy cycle of Transformation and the resulting energy which ends 10-28-2011 as a Consciousness State of Cosmic Awareness as a Universal Man just as prophecy in many spiritual traditions, and thus we have ascended to this new cycle energy and will be setting up an entirely new blueprint for humanity as of tomorrow in the totality of a new energy. With so much going on in our world and the population as a collective Occupying Wall Street we must be ever vigilant to keep our thinking not on the past or that which disturbs us, but on what we desire to manifest as the reality which lays before us.

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