Friday, October 28, 2011

Riding The Crest of the Wave

Today it's time to stand sill in the moment...This being the day in which the Mayan Calendar Cycle of Energy changes...Now it's not a black and white change it's one which has occurred from black to white with all the shades of gray between as we have progressed/evolved up that spiral in time. The end of the calendar means the Ancient Mayan that set the calendar in stone could only read the energy to this point, because there came the point at which it changed and they had no vibration to play this changed level of energy against. These are waves of universal energy we ride, and as Archangel Michael told me years ago, waves of a vibrational frequency, and from the bottom of that vibrational curve we can only look up to the top not seeing over the crest until we reach it. The Maya could look up to where they were going, but could not see over the energy wave at it's crest. Thus they ended the calendar based upon the frequency they could connect to in their highest perception. Today we as a collective consciousness have reach the crest of that wave. We are riding the top observing all the possibilities that lay before us as we begin the ride into a uncharted territory, and will be upon this crest until 12-12-2012 formulating our new blueprint for this new resonance of experience. I offer all Blessing for a joyous ride with unlimited possibilities to form the new reality we desire for this next 26,000 year ride to the next crest. I will say be prepared as the trip down it's depths is a rough one till we reach that point where we begin to pull ourselves up to the next crest and the high point of the frequency. We have many generations in which to reach it so live it well.

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