Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Knowing how to Rebel ~~how to be a Rebel~~~and have it accepted is a rare art form.. It's one I cultivated my entire life with my Bullish Taurus Sun and Futuristic Freedom Aquarius Moon emotions, topped by a Don't Tread on Me Pioneering Aries Rising......ya.............I'M A REBEL.

Now all this energy in my Natal Astrology chart is only exaserbated by a Pluto of hard changes and endings opposing my moon with Saturn and Uranus conjoined on the precarious 29th degree in Taurus my 2nd house of stuff creating lifestyle. Join all this with the current cosmic energy transits that are creating Change Change Change in society and in our personal selves and you can call me THE REBEL is in it's most active time of life. However, and here's the catch...I rebel not aggressively but unabtrusively. Somewhere along the way I evolved to some degree of enlightenment to realize the world doesn't like rebels and the establishment doesn't like to be told they're wrong or your not going to do it their way, so if you want them to hear you you have to be silent. Main stream puts the down causes and debunks protesters rebelling, learning this early I learned a different way. I'm a product of the 50's and in the 60's when my peers chanted and waved signs I took my own steps in silent rebellion and simply began living my ideals. It took years for those of us who followed this lead but eventually as the chants died down and signs faded to became the establishment, then world heard why we opposed war and Vietnam, why we oppose Monsanto, big business and out-sourcing. We learned Old guys don't like kids telling them what to do, so we just show them we have a better way...and guess what we're the old guys now living that better way. We rebelled with our Dress, our Music, Food, our Free Sex, Communes, our Peace Loving Ways and with New Age Spirituality opposed to organized religion wrought out the drug culture and newly found Eastern philosophy. YA we taught the world rebelling and those of us who took time to be observing saw marching got us heard, but living the example created the change. So here we are in a Go Green society which opposes war trying to clean up mistakes that happened when we weren't looking and the children we raised have taken up the cause of rebels.

There have been big change going on around the world. The voices of protesters are being heard, our children have become rebels, now we need them to put their lives where their mouth is and live the change they say they want to see...Ghandi had it right..

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