Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Have Opened the Door

We are the ones that we have been waiting for. It is entirely up to us. If we are looking to see our greatness, we should see it not in denial, or at all cost avoid anything that may cause fear, but in the courage to face squarely what we have done to this creation as it manifests on this earth. The Ninth wave indeed brings a field change on the cosmic level that we may become part of, but it will not happen without a deep and serious commitment from the heart of our souls. Carl Calleman

Well we are here, as we speak we are the ones who are changing the world. Each in our own way knowing or unknowing have taken up serious commitment in our hearts and the cosmic energy is moving in large numbers without fear around the world to face what we manifested and now desire to transform into something, more something better and more appropriate in recognition of this times as we become aware of our Oneness with all creation in our reality. This is a WoW moment for those like myself who have spoken of A Shift In Consciousness for many many years. It is a WoW that it is really here after such long anticipation ....

I feel this as our opening the door, casting our first gaze upon the new cycle energy on the others side. We stand here in bated breath as we approach the last placement of our foot on the threshold as of October 28,2011 the end of the Mayan Calendar. There we'll poise as we organize thought, action and direction of our transformed perception of who we are in the larger picture of this reality and how we'll express our unify Oneness as we move forward. Then as we take that next step the one releasing the threshold we will by 12/21/2012 have stepped completely into the energy of the Aquarius Age new cycle to live it as our life expression.

Since early spring this year I've felt at a loss of what to say, finally realizing it had all been said by that time we reached the Ninth Wave last March. We have in this wave been setting the plans for that day we move beyond. having grasp the door handle in a pulling motion we will as of October 28th place our first foot on that threshold to be standing amid the two worlds of changing frequency. These days will not be easy they will test our highest resonance vibration but by 12/21/2012 a year later we will have completely stepped both feet through the portal clearly seeing the road which lays out before us in this new cycle. With this shifted consciousness we will be the new reality of Unified Oneness, not just with our species, but with the whole of creation we embrace as our reality. This will be a time of so poignant all will feel their heads and hearts swell and so ready to burst have no room to move, but we will find their priorities and we will in that step completely over the portal threshold find ourselves living our hearts desire expressed as our reality......
WE HAVE ARRIVED, we hold hands by holding our energy close guiding and supporting all other aspects of self knowing we are One Source.

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