Thursday, October 6, 2011

Darkness Till The Doors Fully Opened

Have to thank our friend stillwandering for the picture. She used it differently in regard to economic protests, but it surely is appropriate for these times as a whole. In the last blog I described this time we approach from Oct 28,2011 to Dec 21,2012 as standing in the doorway on the threshold. It will be a period of mental darkness cause we will see there is no going back to a collapsed world reality but don't see a new reality yet formed on the other side. Simply it is up to us to form it, to create that new frequency as we desire it to be and that is what the darkness of the threshold provides ~~a clean slate to write on. We will for all intent and purposes feel like we are in the dark hall of confusion as we must be our own leaders, as those who held us in control are still lost back in the rubble of collapse trying to rebuild from the dust. Something is always a sync to my thoughts in each moment and this little cartoonn was a perfect match to what I woke feeling.

Often I go back to that old belief it's my age...we thought 70 old and I am 69 approaching. However, I'm not old in body mind or spirit just years and what we perceived as time, aging is an illusion of our perception and I vowed to change my perception a number of years ago; apparently I have. This is just one of many things we will be writing on our clean slate. We are beginning to feel it cause there are just days before the energy that we now are feeling will flood through the door in full flow as it is fully opened. We can prepare not to meet it with firm steps knowing we are right were we are meant to be doing what we are meant to do, as our part of painting the mural on the new canvas. I've been talking about the Shift for years, now it's here and I too feel I'm in the dark hall cause there is nothing to say. Now I know the more I move into the doorways threshold the light will begin to shine on the path which my higher self knows I'm to take. I'm sure it's not what I thought, how could it be, this is a totally new energy creating a totally new path to walk.

Today will call neighbor friend to check her need for ride to grocery, then patch paint part of tenant house siding weather has begun to peal. Then finish up garden clean-up and pull more Sweet Potatoes. Had a few small ones for dinner they were good, very mild very small but worth saving from worms the size of elephants. All this after I feed horses, electric was again off yesterday and never reset clocks, Oneson was late for his ride. That's fine it's showing him a new detached cooperation out of necessity. Replaced the generator with same kind we received damaged. Checked Lowe's was out, but the local private hardware had them for $1.00 less than Lowe's. Paid $540 on eBay and here it was $589, can deal with the $50 difference to know we have one now when needed and it seems these outages are a weekly thing??? Having said that, apparently the high magnitude Solar Flair didn't touch the planet with any damage incurred or preparation prevented it...This is a good thing as Solar Ejections are coming into their peak season as we
stand in the doorway.

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