Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seeing My Destiny Fulfilled

A blog friend asked for a look see of my wooded vortex... Often people do the same in physical upon my mentioning how I work with the energy and have used water sources to enhance it, or that several tenants came by way of being called by the vortex entrance. As always I'd cringe and feel I should run tidy things and clean the house...It's a left over from mother who reared me with "What will the neighbors think?" Then I lived by that shallow premise, today honestly don't give a dang cause if people judge us by such shallow measures they aren't themselves worth knowing. There is a difference between untidy and dirty, and the only odor or bugs you'll find here are the Stinkbugs that are a present local plague. Dang things came in a shipment from China and have taken over. Heard they finally found traps to lure them so they don't winter in the warm crevises of our homes. Must get some of those even though everything has it's right to be but not to infringe on others ~ these thing infringes. That's way easier then cleaning even though we are not dirty just a bit untidy.

When our first born, Oneson was 10 months began looking to get out of the apartment house we owned and used it as collateral for a homestead in the woods and were drawn to this run down old place. Knowing instantly I was meant to
be here the loving man never questioned it and we bought the Money Pit in 1965. While it is a true money monger and never seems to get enough to keep it, she also has lovingly provided her own keep. It works for me, not me for it. No running water was remedied in the first two weeks, but limited electric took longer as year after year we raised three children and a house into a home. By 1980 we began the then fad and 2 year project of turning the barn into a house, as it was too small and dark to use for modern day animal care. The barn where I now live, never contained the love which was the frequency of the house. After separating from hubby, he took the barn and I turned the house into two apartments (1 for me) which comes with it own Emmy a live in ghost. Granny, as the kids called her, a respectful ghost, took us under her wing lovingly. We were not there long when she made her unseen presence known by constantly changing time on clocks. She and ol Noah had raised the crops and butchered meat they sold at the General Store in the back end of the house, which supplied people on the hill for years before we arrived. It closed with Granny Emmy's departure from physical, I'm quite sure she is unaware we were not her own or for that matter that she was no longer physical, as she took on the job of ordering my life as she had her own with daily reminders "it's time"...time for what I never knew but it was always time for something and I quickly grew into living without clocks keeping perfect time myself. The children grew under her protective care never really noticing the difference in visible or unseen parenting. Not so sure Onesons adversity to authority isn't a result of over abundant parenting of his miss-deeds, because today he holds me responsible for many things neither his sister or I remember me being a party to. Granny is still there protectively caring for the building, occasionally making herself known and picking and choosing her own live-in companions or tenant helpers.

In the middle of the property is a stream with a small slow flowing spring. It is so slow all but the pool at it's base often dries up in summer heat. Occasionally it will act as home to fish which seem to swim in from no where. This is a vortex of energy which spreads out in a dome over the property perimeter creating a powerful loving protection for all within it's boundary. Over the years I've kept it activated as my sacred spot and eventually built a small Frog Pond near the house and turned the concrete swimming pool into a Fish Pond to act as a density transmutation source. (power in 3's) It was very active and very healthy until the last two years. This pond collects negative or dense energy and transmutes it sending it back into the aethers turning it's resonance neutral for reuse. It's the original Energy Recycling Unite. The energies of the past few years have created over use, a perfect reflection of what humans have done to the planet. There are many things attributing to the sick condition of this pond, as it's state of over use is part of the abundance of cleansing of the planet and it sure is doing it's job.

So now you have in brief the story of how my essence was drawn here and remains in active service to cleanse and hold the energy frequency of Source Consciousness in this area centered on the triangle point between New York City N.Y. and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

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