Monday, October 10, 2011

Seeing The New World

For a time I've felt the wrong things were giving purpose to my life. Being human & female, mothering is a part of species/gender thus it's quite natural when an adult child returns home I should take up that role again, but it's inappropriate at my age, his age, and something I really had no desire to do. I'm not a good grandmother either, as daughters family is very busy and very very argumentive with each other, I don't find them pleasurable to be around so my grandsons have grown up with little nurturing from me.They are rude to their parents, rude to me as they objected to being instructed to do anything they didn't want in moment, it was better I allowed them development under their parents standards with their minds stuck in some wireless electronic devise. Surprisingly they have grown into very nice public people, are honor students, excel in sports, and are very popular. It's a different generation so not interfering was a wise move, lonely but wise. I say lonely cause I desired enjoying more inner-action but the action wasn't to be enjoyed with mindsets so foreign to my own and now they are typical teens living in their own world. This isn't to say I'm out of the loop, I'm just not born with natural instincts for living attached to these devises. I graduated H.S. in the 60's when computers were huge boxes with punch cards. My children graduated H.S. the 80's and had short desk top computer courses and they were not yet a household item, but both had a natural understanding of them, Oneson could program devises and those watches without ever reading insturction. My grandsons were on the PC by 3years old and could instruct their parents even though by then both were computer savy. I picked it up in 98 and self taught to program web sites but it's not natural to me. This is evidence how evolution progresses as progress become us who we are from the inside genetics outward. Why cause all outer world innovations area reflection from with the humans of that generation.

This in itself was a lifetime of lessons about how we each live our own reality, because today's experience is so vastly different than mine or my children's. It has been a view into the future also as they are tech savy beings that I'm not so sure weren't born with keypad devices in their hands and wires plugged in their ear. I've almost felt like I was observing another life from as I couldn't inner act at that same level of natural instinct they do, and they seem so intothemselves through the devises. It's there in front of me and I function with it too, but it's at odds with who I am at my deepest levels. For a while this bothered me because it gave a vision of a world devoid of connecting with the nature of Mother Earth or other being which are part of us and the Oneness that is all things. Then gradually I began to see not all this generation was so strongly attached to the man made outer world. Some are more interested in living with the planet and not just on it, were cultivating a segment of society much different than the one I'd been granted through my grandsons. It's given a view into the future of how there will be pockets or pods of reality into their own thing, yet functioning in a overall unified manner of inner-action. A very different world of Unified Consciousness than what I held in perception.

There are Green Kids Clubs popping up all over the USA sponsored by The Green Schools Alliance. This is a club based in school with teacher supervision, but it requires parental guidance too as it's just too much to ask of teachers. This is more the view I held for my future reality, with people having learned Oneness with the planet and recognizing we can not just exist on her, but must live With her. Somehow I feel this has something to do with the direction I'm taking once we as a planet have shifted consciousness to this New Cycle frequency of energy. Somehow something I hold from my different life perception will be the basic seeds for new planetary growth born out of my experience the new generations will expand upon in a Unified Consciousness of generational understanding.

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