Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Staying Caught to the World's Spin

Tonight is the Aries Full Moon...Hunter's Moon getting its name from Native American who tracked their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead. It's also the 7th Day of the Ninth Wave which is only 18 days away from the end of the Mayan Calendar on October 28th. We are in a powerfully explosive time as the universal energy spin is swirling around us at a rapid rate and we must up spin within ourselves to keep up. It's this spin factor that has us currently feeling off our game, as it's so fast we could easily become dizzy to be spun off our life path. No we don't feel the spin just the sensation of being out of sorts with life and as we catch up to the momentum we are in balanced again. This is why chakra work is so vital keeping us in harmony with the Source Field we are part of. Fortunately with sun in Libra a sign who's energy is always seeking balance we get an assist by seeing both sides to find the center point of our path. Now I laugh typing this cause it is so obvious in my own life today...

Last night State Police dropped by informing us the neighbor was robbed. Highly uncommon in this area, in fact it's not occurred within miles in my 46yrs. To happen especially this time of year is insane, cause it's in hunting territory where bow&arrow or guns are always ready to go. Anyone knowing tails of the yokles and attitude on trespassers would not attempt such foolishness.. For this reason I'm sure it's an inside job so to speak, from someone who knows these people with grown children on their second marriage both work, he's doesn't hunt and they regularly spend a few days a week at a second summer home. Their coming and going is erratic at best and no car in the driveway doesn't meant they won't pull in soon, they knew they would be gone for a few days. This is a subtle warning to buck up my own security. There really is little of value to anyone but me here, none is current or marketable. Security isn't a factor as we often don't lock doors unless KodyDog is home alone ~and it's for his safety. Never locked them until Oneson came here with his attitude from out of state. Recently a couple things entered my life that have rang of security this robbery was the third. Other was how if sons removal from the property was forced I'd have to have a security system to keep him out, so I looked up the old company on web from when we had stores. Second this new tenant wants more than the High Power Solar Lights for his entrance. To not risk problems son is installing a new sensor light for both apartments. This way they don't burn up electric, but will spot light when needed without anyone having to turn them on so they are a security also. Personally son and I are both like the the ancient hunters with good night vision, and are blinded by light other than a flashlight for the rocky areas.

Thus somehow the outside world has tried to spin it's way into my private quiet safe life of many years. My job is to heed any possible warnings and deal with it in a balanced way not allowing it to over take and become one sided creating fear that doesn't exist. This is a safe protected space and nothing will threaten or change that and to see this continues to be the energy of the tenants thinking I'll take action to assist in this without really changing my own attitude knowing I'm protected here from any outside world activity.

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