Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's With the Mineral Kindom At This Time?

Here it is Wednesday the 26th and the emotional energy flow will take a turn with a new moon in Scorpio for ending that we find undesirable into opportunity for many new beginnings more to our liking. This moon is reflective of this entire period of the Shifting of Consciousness Frequency. The photo is of a portion of my Crystal family, others are in another group, there energy is mixed as each carries individuality. Some are used for healing and the several largest ones work with me to hold the energy of this triangular area between New York City and Philadelphia Pa. We work a huge cleansing vortex transforming dense consciousness energy transforming it into a neutral consciousness, it then gets another opportunity to choose it's direction. Some wonder why the energy simply isn't turned positive...well bluntly put this is a Free Will Zone and that action would compromise the free choice of consciousness. It's rather complicate but spiritually speaking all is equal to Source, it is only human social structure which denotes an attitude toward something being good or bad. In the whole of All That Is there is a movement toward expansion and one that is away from it or stagnated which is similar to dying. The All That Is wants to expand to remain a viable Life Force...Things are that simple! This is how Energy-workers work with the energy under the guidelines of the Highest Consciousness of Source.

These quartz crystals and gemstones are cleansing and recharging. It's a first that they should all be removed from me and the inner sanctum of the house and brought in from their outposts on the property all at the same time, but this is a time unlike any other. All and I mean all are basking in the pure flow of cosmic energy with the photons of the solar winds blowing over them to remove the last traces of the old paradigm Piscean energy that is not for the greater good, to make room for the new Aquarius Cycle energy which being manifesting in this reality sphere. On the 28th the Mayan Calendar ends, it's the end of Nine Levels of evolution. As we humans step into new upgraded frequencies so do all aspects of this reality, and that includes the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms. This is a new phase for reality expression and the Mineral Kingdom will continue to be a part of that expression in many new ways at a higher frequency to harmonize vibrations. They are taking these few days to release any old energy that is not to their greater good, making room for the new energy beyond just as we humans have been doing our releasing as they transform into higher frequency. They will direct me when they are ready to come inside to their respective places. One thing I forgot was all the stones and the Gold in my jewelry which is warn not as physical adornment, but for the energy it carries. These elements are also asking for this cleansing, so I'm going to go collect all and it too will remain in the energy of the Sun, Moon, Rain until rejuvenated in the new frequency.

Crystals are portals to other dimensions. They all carry their own frequency which inner-acts with other frequencies including ours. As portals or doorways they work with us in such a way that when we are accepting of their energy it will carry us to new levels of dimensional frequency for the purpose of expanding our consciousness. To me they are being but do not actually think they are beings that act as a reflection of my awareness at many different levels.

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