Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Word Manfested

These days are so that's not the same as interesting. They are very low on the interesting level, the exciting aspect is how I no sooner think something and it manifests. It's been occurring for a long time every few days with major thoughts, suddenly it's now occurring with almost every thought. Yesterday it was numerous times while just doing simple meaningless chores, in the afternoon when I finally sat to rest my thoughts flowed ~'it was getting late Oneson should be home by now' and who's peaking around the doorway
at KodyDog from the kitchen. Two nights before my Hockey team the Flyers lost as they did the previous game. Yesterday in FB I said they needed to sync player lines and their new Hi$ Goalie needs a wake up by putting the kid Goalie in who is his backup...they did this! Also to myself said how I hoped one of my favorite players would score to show those who had been down on him he true worth (he at times players with two left feet and rubber ice skates ~ but has heart and sensitivity under a crass appearance) By the end of last nights game he scored 2 goals out of 4 goals and made his presence a noted advantage having earned extra playing time. Yesterday also mentioned to my neighbor friend I'd take her shopping Tues or called her at work to suggest she stop here on her way home and we'd do her errands. First ready myself then made the call assuming she still had a good hour of work left, but she was just about to head out the door for home. So another instant manifestation as she was here in 5minuters and we were on the road. Once in town we wanted to stop at the health food store where there is very limited parking, I've often had to pass up stopping due the parking situation. So today I said there has got to be a space for us and just before we got there a car pulled out making one available. this is really rare as it's next to a busy breakfast and lunch Cafe that is always full.

Later when relating this to my friend, she said she was starting to get the same thing, right up to tellinglfg herself how she could use finding a big diamond (she wants to build her son a work shed). About ten minutes later on her walk to town she found a glittering diamond on the road ~~ but it was plastic...See the universe always gives Exactly what we ask for and she got a diamond however worthless as it's plastic.

Continuing the thought of Instant Manifestation I mentioned how I've sensed the energy taking massive leaps and felt all these small insignificant things manifesting instantly were showing me to be extra vigilant from here on as to have no adverse thinking, only though of what is desired, and her experience was an additional lesson to contemplate the thought to be precisely what we desire ~ as it is said
"in the beginning was the word, and the word was God"...

the word is same as thought and as part of us who are aspects of God/the Source Field of All That Is

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