Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct 26 New Moon ~ Oct 28 End of Mayan Clendar

WOW WHAT A WEEK AHEAD two days from now
Wed. October 26th Scorpio
new moon (endings&beginnings)
Friday October 28th
the End of the Mayan Calendar
and the culmination of the
entire 26,000 year cycle. Now that is powerful reaching an end-point in the cycle of life energy in which all humanity has always functioned. This isn't
something where you go to sleep at night and wake up to a new color sky. It's a process which has been evolving the entire time. Somewhat like the way we see the hands of the clock moving up and as they approach 12midnight and one day ends and another begins as it click past 12 in the now downward motion. This energy change has been a gradual thing, it's what so many Lightworkers have been celebrating with Portal Openings and Energy Waves etc. It's what the 13 Crystal Skulls planned as they came together one by one adding to the powerful awareness of their whole, and what the nine steps up the pyramid of the Mayan Calendar describe. Here at this juncture the Cosmic Bodies which are entities with Consciousness energy flowing from them come together at a new moon to help us during this time when there are so many evolving transitions underway. Below are two videos which pretty much sum up the Universal Energy which will exist for us to function in...Take time to watch a couple times if you must, cause these next months are going to be riddled with newness you never thought possible, and the energy of this moon plays a huge part in setting your own energy cycle in motion for changes that lie ahead for you personally..
The New Moon is in SCORPIO a sign of ugly endings and new beginnings. How appropriate, that a 26,000 year cycle should be ending at this time as we move out of the old Piscean Age energy into a new Aquarius energy cycle, it's not just a coincidence, it's been a well laid out plan we can now take seriously.

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