Saturday, October 22, 2011

What You HAve Earned for SELF

As we transform so will what we have held as our human would not serve us in new energy to hold onto an old energy blueprint. Thus we have each individually transformed our beings in this old paradigm energy to become what our blueprint designed us to be. We have progressed up a ladder of frequency to awaken through enlightenment to meet the standard our soul designed us to become in this frequency...we are all different some more spiritually aware that others and this is exactly how it should be. We are all one so you are all things at all times and not separate from any one at any frequency you are simply in human form only aware of the being you are the expression of and not all the other aspects of yourself...However, it is now time for a transformation in the human and this requires a new formation of the self so it can function progressively in a new and higher frequency energy.....This is the truer meaning of the End Times the Shift in Consciousness
This is an excellent video about what is actually occurring in each aspect of the whole of Source. I' getting the sensing this new age cycle will not include the old scroll we roll out from Past through Present with a pending Future outcome. In this new energy we will be getting pages of the NOW we will live the now disconnected to the past and not forming the future as each moment is new and created as now according to our hearts desire.

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