Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beyond Critical Mass form aKuna

It is time for us to begin looking beyond our human perceptions and all the formats we created such as religions and prophecies and calendars to make real to us what is going happening within the Energy of Consciousness that we are. We have reached as a Consciousness what is called CRITICAL MASS in our resonance or frequency and must now begin to see the bigger picture that we are here having an experience of Evolving or more accurately EXPANDING the energy we are as Beings. This process has been sped up at this time because as our solar system moves through space it encounters changing frequencies and we have approached a point were the vibration is increased, and we as a planet must match this frequency vibration or quite simply be shaken apart. Now how simple is this to understand, it's all been shown to us when years ago we saw how the vibrational frequency of the opera singers notes shattered the more solid (slow vibrating) constructed materials of the glass. This explains why we as energy beings on this planet also of energy must transform frequency we and our planet vibrate, to resonate with the new tone vibration and not oppose it as the glass did by remaining it's denser slow vibration.

Quite simply this is where all this stuff about End Times derived. In our physical we developed stories which we could more easily associate ourselves with in this solid form because we lost sight we were energy projecting a slower vibration so we could have this experience of physical matter. Yes STORIES that all the beliefs prophecies and religions are is story lines using characters that are also energy frequency essences (Beings) in other dimensional realities . Some are our religious and spiritual avatars other ET's but they are just as we are Essences of Energy existing at particular vibration. What this says to us is, if we meet a point of harmonic compatibility with the space of this new frequency we are encountering we will survive. If we resist transforming our vibration then we will shatter like the glass or from our human story lines Earth will shatter and we experience End Times. The ancients could not see this far or explain it in these terms, they could not understand destruction at this time when we moved from one Cycle/Frequency to another was simply about the vibration of the energy and not how what was perceived to be a physical planet. This whole experience of manifesting in physical is so we could experience viewing a life turned wrong side out and then awaken to this and turn ourselves right side out (going through the Eye of the Needle) by letting go of the beliefs we acquired as physical beings to see ourselves as energy playing a game of vibrating at various frequencies.

This new energy we are entering is one where there will be a transformation in how we view Polarity....good/evil light/dark etc. The old energy was all about the choosing sides of the polarity...This new energy will be one of learning to merge the polarities to create a total acceptance of all things without what we know as differences on the polarity scale.(we are starting our class of study which will lead to our acceptance into what we physical being perceive as the Galactic Federation) It is a course in acceptance of all energy as being different Aspects of the One Same Field simply experiencing different frequency vibrations of the Field. Expanding to this unconditional acceptance is our course of study for the next 26,000 years, we will learn it for 13,000 years and then practice it for the next 13,000 eventually becoming ready for another graduation where we move into yet a next higher vibrational field ~ same as we are presently doing but at the next frequency level.

Hopefully this concept is understood...if not please feel free to ask question and we will attempt to answer with more clarity.

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